During yesterday's call I saw The Lord Jesus on His Throne. Then He, or an angel because He never left The Throne even though it seemed He'd moved to right in front of me, touched my lips with a jewel about the size of a half a candy bar. I prayed over that tonight and heard,

"Your lips are jewels. The Words of The Lord that come through you are valuable."

Psalm 45:1 came to mind: my tongue is the pen of skillful poet.

On my Creation List #52 reads: My books, teachings and services are jewels. They're valuable to The Kingdom and profitable for me. I also recalled a dream from between 2013-16 of me teaching and then going back to my book table. But I was selling jewels, not books.

Yes and amen! That's a sign of being in proper position on my Kingdom Path. What I believe and am speaking agree with what God says about me and my service to The Body.

I'd be honored if you joined us for prayer Monday mornings. It doesn't cost anything, and I don't ask anything of you except that you come to worship and enter into a covenant of agreement with us to magnify The Godhead and receive from heaven.

Additionally, if you want to do some work to make sure you're in right position on your Kingdom Path, there are three (3) open spots for Aligning Time & Destiny 2019. It begins Saturday 12.21 and is a FREE, self-paced spiritual growth course. ATD2018 is also available FREE for your maturing and advancement. All you have to do is register on this site to access it.

I bless you in Yeshua's Name!

© 2020 Zari Banks, M.Ed