Job Openings


Hallelujah, Saints! Our GOD is worthy of all praise! Magnify His Name and rejoice in His Goodness.

I gave a copy of My Money Grows on Trees to a couple over the weekend. It's full of Revelation seed already, but I also put some money seed inside for them. They need some debt cancellation, a car or two and a house. I used to be in that predicament as a single mother and Dad brought me out, so I love to share what I've learned with others. 

It was funny, too, because when the husband saw my book sitting on the table, he laughed and said, "Some people sure do think it grows on trees." Then, I laughed and thought, "He doesn't know that book is going home with him." My money grows on trees. I sow seed and I harvest trees of Revelation, friendship, Love, Grace, Mercy, honor, finances, success and much more. If you don't understand the concept of growing trees, just think a minute. Trees start out small and grow. The synapses and connections in our brains look like trees. It's a really easy bridge to cross when seeing things come together in the spiritual realm. And if you're having trouble seeing in the spiritual realm I can help with that.

When I sow seed into someone, a ministry or business, I'm planting my resources there and according to The Law of Sowing and Reaping (Genesis 8:22), whatever that entity represents, will come back to me as a multiplied harvest. Trees start out small and grow.

Example. Let's say you pay for Netflix every month. Netflix is mindless entertainment and entertainment costs money; it's a business industry. What it multiplies to you is more hours watched because it's unlimited once you pay and they continually add shows so there's more than you could complete in a lifetime to keep you watching mindlessly instead of creating your own products or services. Don't get offended here. If you can afford Netflix and it's not an idol, go for it. I have Netflix, and all the other subscriptions, that I watch during Shabbat, when I need my brain to veg or I want to take a good nap. 😁 I'm just stating plainly everything sown multiplies. It's a spiritual law and there's nothing anyone can do to change it. Trees start out small and grow.

I know most people use the saying about money growing on trees because they can't afford things, but that's a typical demonic ploy. To take a concept that sets folks free and attach the fear of lack to it is evil. Seriously. Look at all of the Believers out there who claim to be terrified of those getting wealth but spend 50 weeks a year trading their lives, giving over the raising of their children and going into debt for money. That level of foolishness is totally from the enemy. 

One last thing about my book. Our ministry is a giving one, so we've got seed for the copies of MMGT for conferences. We're going to hand the books out to as many singles and single parents as possible. And, no they won't only have pennies. Although I sowed my way out of homelessness with pennies and other change because that's how destitute I was. Imagine if I had've been too prideful to sow my change when I was desperate ... I wouldn't be here today. Praise Jesus. 

On Sunday's prayer call, I went in to Heaven to ask for instruction for provision for the week. I was told I asked the wrong question and that I should ask, "How may we serve?" When I asked, I was told Heaven has Assignments available and needs workers from the earth to participate. Provision and supernatural assistance were set aside and the job openings include administering healing, teaching to grow The Body of Christ up and people of Faith are needed to help others overcome the fear coming on the land. I was told these Assignments are not for the faint of heart, but angelic assistance is available as needed. If you'd like to apply for one or more of these openings, consecrate yourself with fasting and prayer and ask The Father for a job. That was the angel's instruction, not mine.

I bless you in Yeshua's Name! Let me know if you apply for one and how it goes. I'd be honored to pray for you while you serve The King. Love y'all.

© 2021 Zari Banks, M.Ed