Lauren Again


Shalom, Warring Saints!

Dreamed about Lauren Boebert again this morning. This time she was alone, though.

In the dream I was in a trailer used to prepare for a speech, movie set or other event. There were three others visible and one was Lauren. She came from the area of my left and while passing stopped short to speak with person 2. I turned to person 3 and said, "Lauren again, huh? I'm gonna tell her I dreamed about her before and have been praying for her since then."

Well, Saints, she's obviously in need of prayer now so let's come together and serve our King by doing what He's asked. The best way to pray, IMO, is in your supernatural prayer language. I'll be praying for her daily that way until released. But, here's a prayer we can release into the atmosphere to get angels moving on her behalf immediately.

Let's pray:

Thank You, Jesus, for allowing us to be your ambassadors on Earth. We're honored to release Your Anointed Word so that Your Kingdom comes and Your Will is done concerning Rep. Lauren Boebert.

As active members of The Ekkelsia of Christ, we bind and cast out and away from Lauren, her family, businesses and political seat every demonic entity watching and waiting to attack. We plead The Blood of Jesus over her and everything concerning her and decree a bloodline that cannot be crossed but upon pain of death. We commission and loose available and assigned Hosts of Heaven to make war against every principality, power or ruler attempting to thwart her work for Jesus and her constituents.

Father, place The Anointed Word of God in her mouth to be released as a mighty sword to cut down the plans of the wicked to harm America. We decree Lauren is saved, sanctified, filled with Holy Spirit, speaks in tongues, prophesies and is fulfilling her godly Destiny on Earth.

We declare Jesus came to destroy the works of darkness and say the works of darkness plotted against Lauren are destroyed now. We loose The Fire of God to burn up every contract, covenant or altar bearing her name and her assignment. We say the ashes fall to the ground, are covered in The Blood and can never we restored.

I say Lauren humbled herself before Adonai and He is exalting her in this season. I say her boldness hits like a hammer and delivers God's Truth every time she speaks.

We ask, decree and declare things by faith in Yeshua and seal it by Ruach ha'Kodesh. We give Yahweh Elohim all praise because it's done. Amen.

Thank you for joining me in prayer for Lauren and Marjorie last time. Marjorie triumphed in the first hearing of her fight to remain on the Georgia ballot. I decree The GA attorney general will rule justly or be judged immediately in Jesus' Name.

I say that long-prayed prayer of yours is answered today, by faith in Jesus, because you've sown intercession in service to our Risen Christ. Love and blessings!

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed