Live By the Seed


I live by the seed. That's Yahweh's Way for getting our needs met. Genesis 8:22 - as long as the Earth remains we can sow seed and receive harvests.

I sowed a penny on March 24 for tires; they cost just under $700. I got the money for them April 26th. Then, on April 21st (if I remember correctly) I opened my iPad and it hadn't charged all night even though it was plugged in firmly, so I said, "Keep it up and I'll sow and get a brand-new one." That was a lie, the iPad charges just fine, and I was letting the enemy know they couldn't upset me or steal from me. Patti said I may as well get a new one, because we could use a backup, so I sowed a dollar and got the money for it the same day - April 26th.

I share these testimonies with you, not to brag on me, but on Dad's Financial System. I didn't work any extra hours, no new products, nothing other than seed, faith and expectation of harvest and I received what I desired. You have NO REASON NOT TO HAVE YOUR NEEDS MET AND BE MOVING TOWARD RECEIVING THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEARTS.

With faith everything's possible and when you take faith actions, you receive from Heaven. I bless you in Yeshua's Name.

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