Long Way, Baby


12.10.2018 12:45 am AZT - I've come a long way, baby. 

I used to be super hype for The Lord, but immature. Now I'm totes chill and free of temper tantrums; God delivered me from them in August 2018. I went through test after test after test after test during the summer. When they first began I was crying and whining, boo-hooing and all that. But as the tests and trials continued I began to weigh the circumstances against The Word of God and came to the conclusion that things were allowed by God - allowed through His Zari-life filter - and that meant if I learned and matured through them instead of falling apart, I'd get rewarded. 

That's true (biblically via context and scripture) and armed with The Truth on the inside, Holy Spirit flipped the light on in my spirit and I grew up a few years in spiritual maturity in a few weeks time. And I got rewarded. And I've been getting rewards each time I act from my spirit since then.

Yesterday provided big opportunities for me to demonstrate spiritual maturity and to receive rewards. I delivered some wisdom and Word to a friend's daughter. Things that would be received from me without question because I'm not her mom. Well, my friend was so blessed by what I spoke to and over her daughter, that she prayed God would reward me for my service. Then she returned with a seed and said she was just answering her own prayer. Well, if you know me, you'll know I looked at the seed, gave thanks for it and then turned around and planted it myself. I guess she suspected I would do that because she knows me, she had a second seed and third seed waiting for me.

There are some people that when I'm with them, God has us on assignment - usually a stealth mission that requires a ton of prayer, faith and angelic assistance. Well, I'm here to testify today, that we've moved into operating right in front of the enemy and have gained additional assets. To put it another way, we've gotten to a place of faith where the spiritual laws are working for us all the time. IN SOME AREAS.

As I've stated before, I know every penny I need or want will come to me when I need or want it. I've broken through in faith for finances years ago. Finances, supernatural provision, debt cancellation, discounts, etc. ... I know that stuffs is done when I declare it. But there are other areas where Yeshua bade me to come out on the water, and I sunk as soon as I stepped out. I'm addressing several of those areas right now, though, so I've got new faith on the horizon. *dancing*

So, yesterday on our adventure, I asked according to The Word for some things, got agreement from people with real faith according to The Word and then thanked and praised as it came to pass. But, I failed to address one enemy and they hijacked my plans. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I didn't shed one tear, didn't act a fool (you really probably have no idea how huge this is, but God does AND the testimony to those in my circle is changing their lives, too) ... instead I praised God for the new opportunity (demonic attack) to exercise my authority in Christ and to see His Word performed in life. And then I got rewarded. 😊

And I have to tell ya'll my December 2018 wouldn't be so awesome if I hadn't gotten my timeline healed. December has always been a month of demonic theft on steroids, but this year I'm stacking chips. By chips I mean rewards. Hallelujah!

I'm inviting you to join me for Aligning Time & Destiny 12/21-30. If you're someone who's been incorrectly taught that events happen automatically according to God's ordained time no matter what you do or don't do, you're gonna get delivered from that nonsense. Most people have no idea they have a Divine Timeline (Psalm 139:16) much less know its originally intended chronological order. Especially if you're someone who's been waiting to marry for many years. Yes, people can wait until 45 and 50 to marry, but if you've been wanting it and struggling to attain it, I guarantee your timeline needs some deliverance. Witness.

The cost of the course is $5 for those who've preordered Sanctifying Time and $10 for all others. And speaking of the book, it's a great resource for self-deliverance of your Divine Timeline. Anyone wanting one-on-one work, I have some openings the first two weeks of January 2019 for mentoring. 

We celebrated my son's 17th birthday this weekend. Can you believe I have a 17 year old, being that I look so young? 😆 I know ... hard to believe. Lemme just tell you: I'm so proud of him. He is kind and wise; a man after God's own heart for sure. I'm honored to know him.

I have so many testimonies I wanna share ... but I'll just stop now and let you watch my moves. My apostle told me several times over the last year Holy Spirit would come upon and break me out and launch me forward. It's happening now. And it's good. 

​God bless you.

From my prophet's room in The Old Pueblo ​© Copyright Zari Banks, Inc. 2018