Manifesting Prophetic Words


Grace and peace be multiplied to you in abundance, dear ones! I pray you're enjoying the overwhelming provision The Father made available to you.

I heard a great prophetic word at the beginning of this year and it set my mind going about how to activate and manifest it. We often hear corporate words and they're so good they get us shoutin'. Vocally and sometimes in movement. But with all the prophetic words that have come down over the decades, not to mention those in The Written Word, we should all be completely delivered, completely victorious and billionaires running around ruling the world and getting a whole lotta people saved. Am I right or am I right?

But that's not the case, is it? Nope. Most people hear a word and say: Amen. I agree, I receive. Please. There are tons of believers, especially us Chocolate Folks unfortunately, who love a prophetic word but have NO HEAVENLY CLUE how to manifest it. I was just chit-chatting with Holy Spirit last night about how as churched as Black folks are ... we still don't get it half the time. We yell out of one side of the mouth 'God supplies all of my needs' and from the other side yell 'pay me reparations!'

We can't have it both ways, saints. We're either all Kingdom or in the world. Yeshua said we can't serve two masters. If we want Kingdom Provision, we can't look at the worldly government to dole out payments as our provider. God won't compete for our hearts. It's always our individual choice who we honor and trust.
Back to the lecture at hand ... On Sunday, December 8, 2019 The Spirit of God said to me,

"No longer will you wander to and fro. I AM bringing you to a new level. I see you desire it and I want it for you."

That's an awesome word. Especially in that time. I had just made a lot of changes and was settling into them and I told Him prior that I was done with the up and down cycles of the past and I refused to enter 2020 without a plumb line for consistency. So as any personal prophetic word should be, it was relevant to my life and my Kingdom Path.

We all know that just because God says something does not guarantee it will manifest. God's Word is seed. It's potential. It's powerful, but it must be planted in proper spirit soil. When we pray for His Kingdom to come and Will be done we're asking for His seed, His Word, to enter our lives. Then we partner with Him in various ways for manifestation.

We partner with God's Word by:

*Faith: if we believe we'll receive. That's Bible. And it has to be real Faith, not I hope so, but I've a Plan B in case God doesn't come through Faith.

*Agreement: If you can find someone else to match your Faith on any issue, God will back it up with Supernatural Resources for manifestation. The tricky part is finding someone to match your Faith. People ask me to agree with them all the time and I know they have no Faith. Words and actions give you away every time.

*Corresponding Action: In James he said we show our Faith by our works. Works are corresponding actions. He's explaining to us that when we truly believe God, we ACT and SPEAK as if we've already received according to what Jesus said in Mark 11:24. As I said: Words and actions give you away every time. Additionally, you can't fake out the spiritual realm. Every creature in the unseen realm, including The Godhead, can see by the structures in your spirit what you believe. You might be able to fool some of us in the natural, but you can't fake the funk in the spirit.

*Prayer: You have to pray into the word; tongues is best because it's spirit to Spirit. My Life Verse is Proverbs 3:5-6. You can't make something God says happen without God's input so you go to Him in prayer acknowledging this and get His Instructions for manifestation.

*Honor: Once you receive His Instructions you honor them by performing them. Sometimes they're simple: only believe. Sometimes they're complex: seek Me in prayer for the next 50 days at 3 a.m. Yeshua said He knows we love Him when we honor His Commandments. If you want the manifestation, honor His Instructions. That's a whole month's worth of teaching right there - honoring His Commandments.

*Sowing: If you know me, you know I sowed into that word. I explain sowing into Revelation in My Money Grows on Trees. Sowing activates a covenant by sacrifice (Psalm 50:5). You still have to believe, you have to water the seed; but planting the seed is a corresponding action that demonstrates Faith. Then I wrote down the word so I can keep it before my eyes and I read aloud a couple times a day so that I can remind myself that word is my Truth and nothing else is allowed to speak.

I released that word on my FB page to anyone who wanted to receive it. Lots of people commented 'Amen!' and whatnot, one person sowed into the word. And that person is an intercessor so even if they didn't believe completely right then, I know they'll get there because of focus. I'm not asking for seeds. I'm teaching how to manifest The Word of God in your life. Sowing is one way to partner with God. Besides if you don't have a heart to give, asking for seed won't move you anyway.

There are times when God will instruct us to stand still because the prophetic word is all Him, something He's going to do. Even then we still must have and demonstrate Faith AND release The Word into the atmosphere with our voices because God can't enter this physical realm without agreement from someone with a body. Partnership.

As always I don't mean to come across harshly, however, I'm a teacher, not a pastor. When Jesus taught he asked how the disciples could still not understand what He said. When He preached, John could snuggle up against Him. Preaching is for inspiration, teaching is for Revelation. I'm here to level you up. There are times when I'll comfort you and bear your burdens, but right now I'm delivering Revelation so you don't continue to perish. God and I want you delivered, prosperous and powerful.