Marriage Word from Abba


Shalom, loved ones! Nothing missing, nothing broken in your life, family and finances in Jesus' Name.

We had three Marriage Courts of Heaven sessions in last month and during the June 29, 2022 session Abba met me when I stepped into Heaven and said,

"My daughters, The Love I have for you is unsearchable, unfathomable. I'd swim the deepest sea and climb the highest peaks to see you crowned and clothed in my Grace/Love. Walk with Me into your marriage adventure.

... I'll never leave you or forsake you."

In the encounter I saw the words Grace/Love as one. It was as if they were on top of each other but in a way that they could be read easily. You know how things that wouldn't be possible in the natural happen without a second thought in the spiritual realm because it's not limited by the physical and dimensional constraints that exist in the natural. I often receive words that way - hearing it spoken and seeing words simultaneously.

I want you to know and mediate on His Love and Grace for you specifically. It's hard to understand naturally that every saved woman is the apple of His Eye, but your spirit understands and accepts it. Allow your spirit to receive from Dad and level up so you can't be swept away in a wrong relationship. Develop your relationship with The Three first (Matthew 6:33) so that any man who attempts to date you better come correct or risk the consequences of a Just Father and mama bear combined.

Dad doesn't play about His kids. Two men who wronged me in the past are now dead before 45 years old and one spent his 50th birthday, by force, in a mental hospital, drugged up and drooling. When you're so close to Abba and know how seriously He has your back, you can relax and be yourself in the courtship. You can tell him no premarital messing around and expect him to respond properly. You can rest and not worry about the man's behavior or motives. You can know that if he's foolish enough to hurt you, he'd better make it right as soon as possible so he doesn't get spanked by The Righteous Right Hand.

If you submit your marriage adventure to Abba, it'll be a lot of fun. Witness.

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed