Missing Arms


This morning I had a vision of angels on the move. 

I was standing somewhere too beautiful to be earth, and looking forward at a line of angels on the move - floating about a foot off the ground, they all had wings. I don't know if they were reporting in to get assignments or returning from them. They were single file, very uniform, standard and similar-looking. Most of the time when I see angels they're distinctive and have specific assignments. These angels were like a regiment of soldiers but weren't wearing any type of armor.

At one point in this ongoing line, there was a gap where an angel was missing. It flew/floated into its spot in line and I noticed its arms were missing - reminded me of Foosball. Then as he/it took his place in line the arms grew back, and the line continued without a hitch.
Any insight?

I'm gonna think over this and report back when I have something. Blessings.

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