Missing Children


I'm trying to understand, naturally, why there are so many missing children these days. Has it always been this way and now we know about them because of social media?
As a working single mother whose away from my son a lot, I can tell you that I've totally trusted Yahweh with his care. I'm talking complete trust ... because if I didn't I would go crazy with worry. I know how the demonic flocks to people who worry so where my son is concerned, I refuse to entertain negative thoughts. I will NOT give the enemy a foothold through my agreement to harm my son. 

Full disclosure: I don't have every area of my life and mental game locked down that way, yet, but I will.

As I see so many posts about missing children, I get irritated and angry at the enemy and at The Body of Believers. What are we doing? All these churches out here and two of them have 24-hour prayer. I can tell you by the posts on social media that there's a believer up every hour of every day enough that there should be at least one 24-hour prayer chain in every state. Why isn't that happening? It should've been happening since the beginning of The Church considering we're told to pray without ceasing. 

The Body of Christ has got to wake up. We have Holy Spirit in us. Greater are we with Holy Spirit than anything else in this universe, and yet we're a laughingstock in the U.S. and barely have enough power to cast out a peanut-sized demon. 

Demons unsettle when I come around. Earlier tonight I walked through problem area in town after dark, and as I went by everyone stopped moving, stopped cursing and talking loud, they were completely silent and apologized about being on the sidewalk and not moving when I came through. I didn't say one word to anyone, wasn't really paying attention to anyone and I'm only 5 feet all so no one's naturally intimated by me. 
You have that same power, saints - and even more. Stop allowing defeated demons to have their way in your lives, families and cities. Enough is enough. After all The Father does for us and has equipped us with, we shouldn't be disappointing Him this way. I am NOT condemning anyone, but I feel His heart hurting when so many demonic attacks take place while we have the authority to do something, but we don't. Elohim is probably the only King in existence who gives His subjects (sons) authority and dominion but we refuse to exercise it. When most people are given power, they run with it. Not Christians, we run from it. That's gotta stop. 

If this offended you ... too bad. I'm a prophet of God Most High. I'm here to deliver The unaltered Word, Heart and Revelation released from His Throne and to awaken you to your Identity in Christ. I will not enable you to be mediocre when you're handcrafted in The Image and Likeness of Elohim, The Creator, Supreme Ruler and Lawgiver of All.
Get up and go take some territory from the demonic and restore it to The Kingdom! 

Let's pray with power and purpose.