Music: Aaron Cole - Like You


I discovered this song on the Pandora music app. I really like it. But, it's not on a godly frequency. The words are fine - you can view them in the video description when you go watch.

Frequencies attract spiritual things and serve to wire the brain. Even right words sung over wrong frequencies have negative consequences for us because the spiritual overrides the natural. I understand these gentlemen probably love Jesus and just want to do what they're called to and enjoy, while attempting to be set apart. The problem is, they're not set apart. They're using the same music rules that the world uses.

EXERCISE: Listen to the song and tell me the part of you that responds - spirit, soul or body. Pay attention to the desires that arise in you and the thoughts. Make note of your countenance.

After you do this exercise, go to YT and search, 'What do frequencies do to the brain?' You'll get a huge list of videos to watch. You don't have to watch any of them. It appears the top 10 that came up for me were all new age.

The point is: the demonic realm knows how important frequencies are and we who serve The Creator are usually clueless. This must change if we're going to dominate and build His Kingdom here the way He deserves it built.

I'll give you more information on this next Thursday. That'll give me time to read feedback from the activity. Leave your comments below.

Blessings in Yeshua's Name.

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed