Never Been Seen


Shalom and Chag Shavuot Sameach!

During prayer this morning, Yahweh released the following over us. This is an amazing decree, but it's not even the only thing He gave us. He poured out Fire and much more for this Pentecost season. This specific thing, though, is what I'm meditating as I pray in tongues and present this to you:

                          "I AM about to do things the likes of which have never been seen."

This is one of those things that many Believers will say they agree with and receive, but have no understanding that something is required on their part. For example, I'm praying into this word and meditating on it so it becomes imprinted on my spirit. My spirit has to digest it and its capacity has to be increased because this is big stuffs. 

Our human minds can't fathom what has never been seen. So, don't think you can immediately 'agree and receive' this. Some of what Yahweh does that has never been seen may terrify you if you're still young in maturity. A lot of what He does and has done that's already been seen is not understood by many, so don't rush into this. Also, things that you've never seen, others have seen. There are layers and levels to everything with The Godhead. 

What I'm inviting you to do is what He invited us to do. 

  • Be open to such happenings 
  • Meditate on the decree and allow your spirit chew it 
  • Receive Holy Spirit's Work to transform you so you can interact with it
  • As your spiritual mind begins to believe, communicate it to your soul and body
  • Speak what your spirit receives
  • Expect Yahweh to do things the likes of which have never been seen
  • Witness those things in your realms
And, it goes without saying that I'm sowing into this. 

This isn't a one-day process. To enter in to this level of manifestation takes communion and faithfulness on your part. Matter of fact, during this encounter I was working my way up The Mountain of Yahweh to commune with Him. I'm constantly advising you to spend time developing an intimate relationship with The Godhead because that's how you get everything you need plus all the stuffs you want and the wonderful things beyond what you think or imagine (Matt. 6:33, Eph. 3:20). 

If you truly, honestly want to witness Yahweh Elohim doing things the likes of which have never been seen, you have to spend with Them. This word won't manifest for you just because a prophet is releasing it to you. It doesn't even work that way for me as the prophet. That's why I'm praying into it, sowing into it and meditating it until I have undeniable confirmation that I can stop chewing on it and look for it in the physical. 

Get excited about the word, but don't neglect the fact that there's work to be done to see it manifest. But the 'work' is easy. Prayer and communing with The Godhead are the best things you can do in life. Witness. 

I bless you in Yeshua's Name and Authority. 

© 2023 Dr. Zari Banks