New Shoes


Blessed are You Lord, King of the Universe and Creator of All Things! Grace and peace to you, Saints.
During prayer Monday (5.25.2020) The Spirit of God said, "I AM releasing new shoes." Shoes deal with our walk - how we're living life, our relationships with The Godhead and our ministries. I've been singing NEW SHOES FOR A NEW WALK since He said it. The Dream Interpreter (Billy C.S. Wong, 2016) has new shoes listed as: fresh calling, new gifting, anointing or ministry, a fresh start, a new direction, new commission by God and a new walk in Christ.

I also take this literally because I need new running shoes. Can I do that? Absolutely. Many things in The Written Word and what God speaks as Rhema have literal and spiritual meanings. This is a season of harvest (Shavuot) and I've already planted seed for my running shoes so I'm calling them in as part of the crop. Matter of fact, I call in new natural shoes for my son, too, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Later on in prayer I heard Ruach say, "New Boldness." I agree! New shoes and a new walk will give us new boldness for The Things of God - believing them, living them and decreeing them in this Decade of Pey (The Mouth). 

DECREE: In Yeshua's Name I say today I receive new shoes from The Hand of Yahweh and these shoes give me a new, bold walk in Christ, prepared to proclaim The Gospel of Peace to the nations. I receive natural shoes for myself and household, too, because my Father is an extravagant Giver who doesn't withhold any good thing from us because we are The Righteousness of God in Yeshua. It is so.

For the second week in a row during prayer The Father said, "I can and I will." This is a Supernatural Blank Check. This is the natural (Gregorian) year 2020. The number 20 in Hebrew is a picture of a father's hands outstretched to bless. Because we have two 20s in this year, it's a Double Portion Blessing year. Our God is good! He's practically begging us to believe Him for anything we ask in prayer (Matthew 21:22). He's NOT begging, but He's appealing in such a way that in the natural it would be viewed as begging. He wants us to ask and then believe He can and will because He is good and He is a (The Ultimate) Loving Father.

Not to say that He won't come to you and give you an Instruction to receive what you ask for; which is not unusual because you have to demonstrate your Faith in some manner. But, don't miss out on anything this year simply because you're hesitating to ask. Oh, that reminds me ... as we prayed I also heard Him say to reject/bind the fear of asking. Too many Believers don't have because we don't ask or because we ask carnally instead of in agreement with His Word. He promised that when we ask anything according to His Word we can be confident that it's a done deal (1 John 5:14-15).
Here's a Prayer Protocol starter for you if needed:

1. Heavenly Father, I ask in Jesus' Name for/that ... .
2. You said in John 14:13 anything I ask in Jesus' Name, You'll do so You're gloried in The Son.
3. I believe I received when I prayed according Mark 11:24.
4. I declare this by Faith in Jesus' Name and seal it by Holy Spirit. Amen.
5. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer.
Here's my example.

PRAYER: Dad, I ask in Jesus' Name for new running shoes for me and whatever kind Z wants (1). You said 5.25.2020 that You released new shoes, and in John 14:13 You'll do anything I ask in Jesus' Name so that You're glorified (2). I believe I received my new running shoes when I prayed according to Mark 11:24 (3). I declare this all by Faith and seal it by Holy Spirit. Amen (4.) Thank You, Dad, that it's already done (5).

Write your prayer in your journal. Keep thanking until you have manifestation. When He delivers, praise, praise, praise, note the date and testify. The testimony of Jesus Christ is The Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10). Others need to know that The Lord is still taking care of people and even giving desires, not just needs.

YOU'RE INVITED: Please join me for prayer Sundays at 3 p.m. PDT and/or Mondays at 3 a.m. PDT to commune with The Godhead, receive Revelation and agree for needs and desires. Can't make those times? You can listen to the prayer replays on my YouTube channel. Please like and subscribe while you're there. And if any portion of this ministry blesses you, I invite you to sow in this Kingdom Work. 

Be exceedingly blessed in Yeshua's Name!