Night Dreams


Every year Holy Spirit takes me through training to increase and improve my ability to interpret dreams. How it comes about is, I'll be doing fine, just interpreting easily without a resource and then it'll dry up so I can't see or hear anything in the dreams I'm having or looking at for others. Then I have to run to The Lord to get help and He pulls me into Holy Spirit Boot Camp™ for a season.

I'm going through this training and upgrading for the third cycle (been interpreting professionally for four years) right now (June 21, 2016) so I've been reading over my dream journals for about a week. I found a dream recorded 26 January 2016 that reads,

"Ken A. was in my dream driving us somewhere. Not sure who else was in the car."

This happened April 12, 2016. Ken and his girlfriend picked Z and I up from the airport when we returned from The 3rd Annual Grow Your Dreams Conference in Virginia Beach, VA.

I found another dream from 9 March 2016 that I just got fuller understanding of now that some events have transpired and because of increased training.

I was in a race and was late picking up my race packet. It was inside a church that had the indoor track in Gonzaga's practice gym. I ended up starting almost last and realized I'd forgotten my shoes. They were already running and I couldn't go home to get them so I ran barefoot. Where people sat in the church, they could watch the runners.

Interpretation: The race set before me is what God has called me to do. I wasn't prepared for this race held in His house, though, and had to go forward anyway.

Some background that you need to know for this dream is that I was attempting to renew my teaching certificate and was having difficulty after difficulty trying to do so. I'd also been praying for God to reveal to me what He wanted me to do for the second half of the year and going forward.

Not only is running our races mentioned in The Holy Scriptures, but I'm a runner in waking life so the scenario was tailored for me. Gonzaga University is my undergraduate college and where I began running in the fall of 1996. The combination of the church and Gonzaga's indoor running track pointed to the fact that I'd be teaching and running for God at a higher level than what I'm certified to teach in waking life, which is K-8. That was telling me to stop worrying about the Elementary teaching cert. because that's not where I was headed; I'd be teaching older people. Because I was running in a church that was reinforcing my work for The Kingdom and not natural education.

At the #GYDreams2016 conference I received a prophetic word that God was waiting for me to say, "YES," to being a prophet for Him and that I was a barefoot priest. Now, that wasn't the first time someone had told me I was a prophet. Kent Simpson told me I was in 2012, but I didn't believe him because he didn't know me. My apostle, Prince Handley, told me that a couple months after (July 2012) Mr. Simpson, and I didn't believe Prince because I was still coming out of the pit of despair. By this year, God sent Latoya Barrett and Candace Ford to the conference with words to get me running because if He hadn't gotten my attention I would've renewed my teaching cert. in July and taken a position at school district.

Another meaning for running the race barefoot - in addition to being a barefoot priest - is that He was sending me off to work seemingly unprepared. "Seemingly" because that's simply a part of spiritual growth. You get new revelation and go. It's not perfected because it can only become so through action. Lastly, I was late to the race because this commission had already been given, but until recently, I hadn't said yes to running.

I'd love to read your feedback and to know if you see anything else in the dream I didn't mention. Lie down without fear and have peaceful dreams. ❤

© 2016 Zari Banks, M.Ed