O Canada! Clintons Gone!!


The prophets are dreaming, Saints. At least I am. This is four prophetic dreams in a week for me. That high number confirms Yahweh's movement in this season to make corrections amongst these out of control politicians. HalleluYAH!

This morning I dreamed Canadians were being jailed for owning/having possession of certain books. We want to pray against this.

Heavenly Father, we come before You in Jesus' Name, by His Blood, Covenant and Resurrection Power. We stand in the gap on behalf of Canada's citizens and bind every demonic plot to take away freedom of speech and every assignment to use police or military force against the people. We loose Holy Spirit boldness into Canadian Believers and call forth the Elijahs, Daniels and Johns to rise up in authority and proclaim The Truth to the people. We loose The Roar of The Lion of Judah into Canada now in Jesus' Name. Father, we ask that The Hosts of Heaven be loosed into Canada to make war against the ruling principalities raging in this season. We ask in Jesus' Name that they be equipped with every support and resource needed to war with great effect to turn to the tide in this war for the future. We thank You for the opportunity to partner with You and angelic hosts to shape human history. You win and we win. Amen.

The next dream I had was seeing a movie trailer for a new production titled, 'The Clintons.' When I saw the trailer I said, "They (meaning Bill & Hillary) must be gone because no one could make a movie like that and survive if they still had power."

Let's decree God's Will into the Earth.

Father, we thank You for getting involved in the affairs of man. We come before You now in Jesus' Name to voice agreement with the dethroning of The Clinton power syndicate at work in the world. You said to have no other gods before You, and we agree. The Clintons have chosen to partner with satan and operate in occult practices for selfish gain, manipulation and the destruction of human life. As the active Ekklesia we say Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done on Earth regarding The Clintons as it is in Heaven. What you have established in Heaven as a legal judgment against them, we loose into this realm today in Jesus' Name. Host of Heaven, go now and execute judgment according to Yahweh's verdict. Amen.

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