Passover 5780: Divine Provision


The Israelites acted on Moses' word and asked the Egyptians for silver and gold jewelry and for clothing. And the LORD gave the people such favor in the Egyptians' sight that they gave them what they requested. In this way they plundered the Egyptians. - Exodus 12:35-36

In this season of Pesach, we get a clear picture of how completely The Father works the events of our lives. When the Appointed Time for His Visitation came, He offered Israel Divine Protection, Deliverance and Provision. Yahweh functions within Spiritual Laws He established at Creation (Job 38:4), and as He enacts Judgment upon one party and Justice for another, He includes recompense for the injured. 

Yes, loved ones, Divine Provision is another blessing of Passover. When The Israelites left Egypt, they didn't leave empty handed, and when you walk out of your captivity, you won't leave empty handed either.

There are many in the world, even Believers in Messiah Jesus, who don't understand how completely and perfectly El Shaddai can, will and desires to care for us. He already put The Plan in place - at Creation - for everything we need in every situation. He proved this at Passover so long ago, Yeshua confirmed it by His Life, Cross and Resurrection and it's promised for The Future.

Know this, believe it and live it: Jesus is your Passover - your Protection, Deliverance and Provision - every day in every way.

Heavenly Father, I praise You for meeting every need of my life. You're my Source; I trust and look to You alone. Thank You that You never leave or forsake me. By Faith I receive the fullness of our Covenant Relationship. I love You and worship You with my whole spirit, soul and body. Amen.
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