The enemy's been knocking me around for a little while now, and I've had enough. I asked The Lord for the divine how-to that'll make them pay and pay and pay. I heard, "Extended fasting."

Why, Lord, why? 😫😫😫 You know how much I love food, Lord. Is there no other way?

I just finished 40 days of tongues and now I'm going into a fast. Lord Jesus, help. I do not like fasting. I do it; but I like to do it quick and focused and get done and back to eating - 3 days or less. But He said EXTENDED. 

I'll just have to keep telling the enemy they're getting beaten to a pulp at any moment to make it through this next season. That'll be my motivation. And that's good motivation. I do want them beaten down, heads cut off, faces melted and anything and everything else that can happen to them BEFORE they get cast into outer darkness.

I'm asking sincerely to please keep me accountable. I need it. I'm weak. I'm desperate right now, but I ain't gon' lie - I like pizza, hamburgers, fries, tacos, steak, candy, chips and all that. It'd be easier to fast if I was a vegetarian, I think, because you're not supposed to eat grass anyway. Pray for me.

Let's pray:
Lord, help me to remember over the next 40 days that every delicious and fatty substance I refrain from eating is like a dart going into the eye of one of the demons who've been harassing me the past five weeks. Amen.

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