Power Prayer 5782


I'm telling you, Saints, 3 a.m. prayer is no joke. Every time I pray the fourth watch (3-6 a.m.) I get miracles, signs and wonders. You're welcome to join me praying Sunday through Friday until April 28. The number is on the pic above. Also, the replays are available on this site. The calls are powerful and there's usually revelation released which is why I record.

Holy Spirit told me to do that in about 2015, if I recall correctly. He's a genius, of course. Sometimes when I review past prayer calls I'm amazed at what went forth from my own voice that I don't remember saying. Also, some high-level, Third Heaven revelation comes forth at times, too. For instance, in 2020 during one of the 3 a.m. prayer calls I received and released revelation about loosing The Blood and it creating a pathway that goes before us and that angels travel on. And, last week Apostle Leroy Thompson (multimillionaire) was speaking about The Blood being a bridge angels travel on. He said, "You ain't never heard this before, have you? Don't lie." But, I've had that revelation for almost two years. The 5780 prayer call replays are on my YT channel for review, bt dubs. 

If you're connected with Heaven while praying you're going to speak something out that you'll need to remember or pray into or release over yourself and to The Body. For example, yesterday during prayer Heaven was wide open and blessing after blessing was released and an admonition was given (it was for a specific individual so it's not included here). When a blessing is released, I voice agreement and then turn it into a decree to speak out.

Here's the list of what I heard and my response:

  • You are a co-heir with Christ. Receive your inheritance today. I decreed: I AM a co-heir with Christ and I receive my inheritance today.
  • Your days of confusion are over, you have Holy Spirit living in you. I decreed: My days of confusion are over; Holy Spirit lives inside of me.
  • Everywhere your feet tread you have Dominion. Loose The Word as you walk and your angels will carry out your commands. I decreed: Everywhere my feet tread I have Dominion. I loose The Word as I walk and my angels carry out my commands. 
  • Silence the spirit of inadequacy. I decreed: Can't remember what I prayed exactly but it's recorded so you can go listen, agree and receive. 
  • Expansion. I decreed: I receive expansion in Jesus' Name. Angels, stretch out my tent pegs. 
  • Correction. I decreed: I receive it. I want to be corrected where I'm wrong. 
  • Restoration. I agreed, of course.
  • Recompense. Agreed again.
  • I sensed acceleration in all of these released blessings. Restoration and recompense came so fast I didn't have to time to respond and write.
  • Bind the lie of missed opportunities. I decreed: I bind the lie of missed opportunities in our lives. Our God is The God of Opportunities and He provides them daily. My steps are ordered by Ruach and I'm always in the right place at the right time. 

Look at that list. That's how I succeed. I have all that good stuffs going to meditate on throughout the day so there's no way I could fail, get discouraged or become anxious. Too many blessings. Our Dad is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) so everything He released to me is available to you. Agree with it. Then, ... believe, speak, receive.

I bless you in Yeshua's Name and Authority.

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed