Praying Wrongly


I want us all praying with power in 2020 instead of praying wrong prayers that won't get answered because they don't align with The Word. I'm not criticizing here; I'm a teacher so I'm teaching. My goal is to help you get what you want from Yahweh every time.

WRONG: Father, as I embark on this year, I pray that You would be with me and direct me. ~ Some Social Media Account

EXPLANATION: First, The Word of God promises that He never leaves or forsakes us. You don't ask people to do what they already do, you thank them for doing it. When you ask God to go with you when He's already with you because you're saved, your angel looks at you like: Really? I'm still waiting for a legal decree before I can move. You ask The Lord to be with people who aren't saved, yet.

Second, God promises Old and New Testaments that He'll lead us in the way we should go - BIBLE!!! HOLY SPIRIT!!! Again, you thank people when they're already doing what you want. Again, your angel ain't movin'.

Third, you may be thinking that it sounds like an OT prayer, and you'd be right. We're not OT Saints.

In The OT, they weren't even legally allowed to go before God without being a priest, prophet or being specifically called by Him, and they had to bathe, put on clean clothes and more. We have Jesus' Finished Work to live from which means we are as He is - in constant, close proximity to The Father. We're equipped to do all things as long as we operate within God's Laws and by Resurrection Power in us. We're crowned in Glory like A & E were before they sinned. We don't kill animals to cover our sin anymore, we go boldly before The Throne of Grace, confess and are cleansed of all unrighteousness and receive whatever we need.

When we ask God to do things He's already doing we waste time, we don't get what we want and we don't level up. Part of Jesus' job was to give us back the power we lost in The Garden; power that eliminated the need for begging, wishing and hoping about God and what He'll do for us. We rule as kings and priests which is by legal decree. And as long as those decrees align with Heaven's Will, they'll be honored on Earth and there.

Prayers that don't align with The Word have no Faith backing them up which means they won't get answered. Remember in Mark 4 the disciples couldn't cast out a demon and He rebuked them and called them an unbelieving generation? If you read The Bible and see the words: I will never leave you or forsake you and nothing can separate us, but then you turn around and ask Him to be with you, you're unbelieving. According to Hebrews 11:6 you're not pleasing The Lord. And Jesus showed us what it looks like when we don't believe what He says. Unbelieving. Little Faith. No Faith. We - and others - stay bound and stuck.

CORRECT: Father, I thank You that you're always with me and for leading me in the way I should go. I choose as an act of my will to move according to Your Direction.

Pray The Word and you'll pray with power because The Word is powerful!

© 2020 Zari Banks, M.Ed