Pregnant Again


Y'all I'm pregnant AGAIN! I just gave birth in September and it's only the first week of November. Know what that means? ACCELERATION! You better grab hold of this anointing and get soaked. Two pregnancies in two months - my womb was fertile, restored quickly and received The Seed of The Word successfully. Know what else it means? I'm HARVESTING!! My camels are coming in loaded down with treasure. HalleluYAH!

Saturday morning (11/5/22) I had the following dream:

I was giving birth and got to the point of crowning, but my delivery was stalled. I went down the hall and saw several other women giving birth. This was all in a hallway, not in rooms. I stopped at one woman, put on rubber gloves given to me by the medical professionals and assisted in her delivery. I went down a little further and assisted another woman with her delivery, this time using forceps to pull her baby out. Again assisting the medical professionals. I turned a corner to the left and saw a television or movie family and stopped to speak with them. Meanwhile, I'm still in the birthing process while I'm out walking around. The family was close-knit, loving, but after waking I can't recall which show or movie they were in. Anyway, I tell the mom of the family to come with me. We went into a kitchen. I grabbed several pairs of rubber gloves and some utensils. While I was doing this I thought to myself, I've been in labor 24 hours. I said to her, 'Let's go.' I was determined to birth that baby and she was going to help me whether she wanted to or not. I awoke either as I was exiting the kitchen or immediately after. I didn't get the baby delivered yet.

Shall I bring a mother to the point of birth, and yet not let her child be born? says the LORD. Or shall I who bring to birth yet close her womb? says your God. ~ Isaiah 66:9 NAB

Shall I bring a baby to the point of birth and not deliver it?" says the LORD. "Or will I who deliver close the womb?" says your God. ~ Isaiah 66:9 BSB

Abba is concerned about mother and baby, and therefore, I will not accept stalled delivery. Especially not in this season. This baby is coming out and it's coming out healthy and whole. I fasted for 24 hours Sunday and am still praying in tongues and calling my baby forth now in Yeshua's Name. I'm waiting for the confirmation that it's here or, better yet, the manifestation.

I shared this dream Saturday night at the Prayer Intensive and a friend saw me in labor in a vision and saw the baby was really big and wondered would I be able to deliver. The Spirit of The LORD told her I will deliver, without forceps. Yaaaasssss!

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I am loving this season!

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