Prophets are Releasing Judgments


Shalom, Warring Saints!

It seems the prophets have released more named judgments of church, world and political leaders than in a long time. That should clue us in to the state of things in this season.

Last year I dreamed about church leaders being wiped out for their secret sin. You can view that video here. I dreamed about churches sinning again recently and also about China's leader, Xi Jinping. In both dreams I pronounced judgment.

Robin D. Bullock, Amanda Grace and Timothy Dixon have also pronounced judgments on several people - Nancy Pelosi, Chuch Schumer, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Obama and more.

We know these people are blatantly sinning and abusing powers and want it to stop. Well, it can be stopped if we agree with and speak out into the atmosphere what Yahweh Mishpat (The Just Judge) has decreed. Prophetic words that are heard but not prayed into or spoken out get put on the shelf until God's People act. Let's act now, agree with God and bring awakening into The Church, our nation and our families.

I bless you in Jesus' Name.