Quick Work


Shalom and The LORD bless you, dear ones! 

Please accept this formal invitation to send in prayer requests any time you have need. I pray a couple of hours most days, sometimes longer. Yesterday I prayed in tongues four hours to set and secure the month of June 2021. This is gonna be a great month. 😁

Intercession is my thing. I'm a problem solver and know that Heaven has solutions, so in my mind it just makes sense to pray. But, I don't pray vain repetitions and I don't pray what I think. I pray The Word and operate in The Courts of Heaven (TCoH).

Here's a recent testimony. I got a text at 11:16 a.m. yesterday, replied at 11:28 and went to work. If you thought I was gonna spend 10-15 minutes praying you're ... wrong. I went the quick route. It took about three minutes in TCoH to get the prayer answered. I replied at 11:32 a.m. (below).

I've shared before in vids and podcasts, etc. that I've been operating in TCoH for several years now. But in a recent encounter I was corrected. To my benefit, of course. I was told to stop going in and out of the spirit and just stay in it. 🤯

See, I've been studying, speaking, praying and doing whatever to advance in life, and would use TCoH as a last resort when nothing else was working for a tough issue. The LORD removed a veil from me and opened my eyes to see that The Courts are for anything and everything. He said to come boldly before The Throne of Grace to find Mercy and Grace when needed. I just assumed that 'when needed' meant when nothing else worked. So, I've set aside a couple other teachings and writings I'd been working on and have successfully eliminated several years-long obstacles in the last two weeks by spending a few minutes a day in TCoH. Gamer changer.

For years I've been *this* close to some serious breakthroughs and deliverance and I allowed a literal sliver of missing revelation to keep me on the other side unnecessarily for too long. The good thing is that I don't give up on tough issues no matter how long they've taken in the past because I KNOW (that I know that I know) Dad has a solution and I'd eventually receive. 

What about you? Are you one piece of revelation away from triumphing over something that's hung on for years? There are things you don't know and one way to find out what you don't know is to seek, study and ask questions. Another is to pray in tongues and then commune with Holy Spirit for interpretation. My book O Lord, Teach Me Your Ways models how to pray and ask Holy Spirit questions and receive answers. Jesus doesn't want us to perish for lack of revelation knowledge. His sacrifice tore the veil that kept us from GOD, so we need to move in close and receive everything that's available.

To finish the testimony. Praise was lifted up; I know 'cause I received a video clip of it. Then, 25 minutes later, at 11:53 a.m., I received feedback.

Three minutes for an answer to prayer. Twenty-five minutes for manifestation. That's Yahweh Elohim! That's The GOD we serve. After I prayed I went on about my business. I had the answer so I knew it was a done deal, but even I hadn't expected such a quick manifestation seeing as I didn't check my phone again for more than two hours.

Think about what this means. We can get needs met, on time, guaranteed results by simply living our Heavenly citizenship all the time instead of only when desperate. I'm going for it. Seriously. I've got about seven testimonies (two are recorded here and I posted a video of another yesterday) I could drop right now from two weeks doing quick work in TCoH.

Well, loved ones ... I pray something here blesses you. I'm excited about this season and I look forward to sharing more testimonies as the month progresses.