Grace and peace be multiplied to you in Yeshua's Name!

I'm here today to announce the coming of a new season for those in Covenant with me and to any who are willing and have faith to receive.

And now you must repent and turn back to God so that your sins will be removed, and so that times of refreshing will stream from the Lord's Presence. And He will send you Jesus, The Messiah, The Appointed One. For He must remain in heaven until the restoration of all things has taken place, fulfilling everything that God said long ago through His holy prophets. ~ Acts 3:19-21

I spent quite a bit of time praying in tongues and then checking in with Heaven today. At one point after communing I stepped in to a beautiful park. Dad knows I love land, beautiful landscapes and just being outside so this was perfect. Being who I am, my spirit opted for no shoes and I walked in the grass barefooted. I don't walk barefoot around the house, but if I have the opportunity to be barefooted in the grass I'm going to take advantage. So, shoes in hand, I went frolicking.

Then, remembering having my feet washed last week and being able to go barefoot today, I asked, "Why so much emphasis on my walk?" Remember in dreams and visions feet represent our walk, how we live in relation to righteousness. I was told, "I've been telling you for years to walk in My Ways." This is true. I've often started out communing with Holy Spirit and heard first thing, "Walk in My Ways and/to/so ..." whatever else was relevant for that moment. And I confess (and repent and nail to The Cross so Jesus' Blood can wipe it out) that I have said 'never mind' and stopped listening on occasion because He was sounding like a parental broken record. I don't recommend doing that.

I either shared here, on my podcast or both that in one of the encounters I had during Pentecost I was told to stop going in and out of GOD'S realm; to stay in it all the time. That's not strange and it's not new information. We're supposed to be led by The Spirit (Romans 8:14; Galatians 5:18). But I was called on the fact that I press in hard when I'm really stuck and then I relax and go back to doing what I can after a solution comes. So, if it's not hard or it's just a regular life activity I would move forward with my capabilities instead of walking in The Glory 24/7 and allowing even regular tasks to be influenced with supernatural power. 

After I enjoyed the park for a bit I asked if there was Wisdom or an Assignment for me today. I was instructed, "Just refresh. Prepare for a new move; a new season."

I immediately gave thanks for the head's up because a lot of times we assume new seasons are ushered in by turmoil or trial. This new season is being ushered in by refreshing. Hallelujah!

Now that I'm doing what I used to and seeking and expecting Heaven's input and manifestation in everything I've had some truly wonderful things happen recently. 

Last week I went to book a luxury hotel that cost more than what I wanted to pay so I decreed a discount and that it was paid in full. I asked to be notified by Heaven when I should book. Yesterday someone texted and asked how much my hotel was and said they would pay for it. I said it was pricey and if after learning the cost they only paid part that would be a blessing. I went to check the day's amount and the price had decreased $215!! That's the Favor and Goodness of GOD achieved simply by acknowledging my Kingdom Citizenship in a simple process. 

Now I know hotel prices fluctuate but how often does a luxury hotel with spa, two pools, 24-hour fitness center, etc. decrease that much when it's almost fully booked for a conference on a holiday weekend? Faithlessness can argue anything, but I know it was Jesus' doing. Also, if you've been listening to my podcasts or participating in one of weekly prayer groups you know this isn't my only testimony.  They've been coming fast and furious. For me and for others. 

I pray something here blessed you. I bless your spirit to hunger and thirst after righteousness because then you will be filled. Be refreshed and walk into this new season encouraged. Amen and amen.

© 2021 Zari Banks, M.Ed