Residual Effects


I have a lot to share tonight.

First, God is magnificent beyond my limited human vocabulary. I celebrate His majesty and honor the role He occupies in my life. There was a time, a few years ago, when I yelled at Holy Spirit saying our lives are a game between Them and the enemy, and we're just being volleyed back and forth like tennis balls in a match. Today I've matured like I never expected or knew was possible, and am now able to enjoy the adventure as a Son of God instead of a slave (victim).

The pic above is of the Alaska Airlines Disney-Pixar Incredibles 2 livery. God knows I LOVE Disney and He favored me with a ride on this plane today. My 59th flight of 2018. I have a little contest going on my FB page asking who can guess my flight total by year end. Shout out to the frequent fliers and travelers who read me. Big blessings to you in Yeshua's Name.

Switching gears real quickly.

I recently had a night dream in which the enemy was attacking me and I awoke frazzled. This happens to us all from time to time. We usually pray until calm and then move on, right? Well, on this instance, The Lord stopped and counseled me before I just dropped it. Holy Spirit reminded me that when He sends dreams that we forget or don't pursue in prayer they're always recorded in our spirits so that they can be manifested through praying in tongues, etc. I've been sharing this revelation with people for years when they say they never remember dreams or missed parts or all of them. Just spend time with Ruach and He'll bring those to your mind in prayer ... or whenever He's ready. Try as we (I) might, we do not get to boss The Lord around. That reminds me of something that happened yesterday, too. I'll add that if I remember as I go on.

He said the enemy stores those harassment-event dreams in our spirits as the counterfeit of Him storing godly dreams. Makes complete sense. Sometimes those demonic dreams shake us and leave us uneasy throughout the day or whenever we recall them. Our spirits need to be cleansed of those dreams and not only 'pray against the events' as most people advise. Yes, we do need to pray against those events so they don't come to pass at all or they're lessened in damage and trauma, but our spirits need ministry as well.

If you're new to the revelation of ministering to our spirits you may not understand how powerful it is. I'll tell it you like God told me during BitS 2017. I was fussing (I've really gotta chill with this, I know, but seeing as He's the closest thing I have to a husband that's always around, He gets it and He gets - understands - it) about all the promises in The Word not being available to me and my life constantly being a mess. The Lord said to me: You need to grow up. You're just as carnal and soulish as you can be. Yes, you have good faith and you know a lot of The Written Word, but you're immature in spirit and that's why you can't handle anything and fall apart at the drop of the hat, and why you don't have big authority to pull heaven into your realms.

If we (you, 'cause I'm already going after it) want God's authority on earth, our spirits must grow in maturity. Mature spirits have power on earth. The demonic gets this and enjoys how powerless The Body of Believers is on earth. We chase fads, big names and buildings because those things can be achieved by sheer soul power which is easier to come by than trial-produced spiritual growth. Soul power is will. Soul power is evidenced in all those mega-successful people who don't commit to God and don't sell out to the devil but still make it.

This is another reason we need to mature in spirit. Believers often claim God has ordained whatever they're doing because they're able to do it. That's not always true. He doesn't overwrite our will (soul), and when we've set our minds on something whether He's in it or not, we can manifest just about anything; including a mega church building. Not to mention that if we're going ahead with something without God, the enemy comes along to help us be rebellious and that becomes a demonic contract.

Switching gears again.

Saturday morning (8/4/18) I had a dream that I don't remember most of. What I do know is that I was with my son and God worked something out miraculously. This is where the plane above comes in (you can follow my travels on my IG).

Since June I've been agreeing in prayer with Z and Patti Cake for God to reveal the dates for me to go visit my son. God picked August 6-8. How do I know? First of all I had nothing scheduled those days unintentionally and no one even made any attempts to book me for those days. Then two weeks ago Bryan texted and said he was opening a new barbershop August 7. I checked my calendar, and as I said, those three days were wide open and said I'd check the flights and come since I was free. Lastly, Patti was off those same days. The only issue would be the plane tickets. I fly Alaska and it's never a good idea to buy a ticket less than 21 days before you want to fly; 'cause the prices are jacked up. I decided I'd beg for a seat instead (aka fly standby).

It wasn't looking good for me flying standby and I almost dropped $500 one way yesterday to make sure I could make this trip. Almost but not really because of the dream about God working some thing out miraculously. Well, I was the twelfth person in line begging for a free seat on this plane by the time I arrived at the airport this morning. I had Prince, Selena, Patti, Z, my mom, Sharon, and I think Tam, agreeing for a seat for me. I've got a fantastic group of intercessors, man. They don't play. Let me tell you ... not only did I get a seat, but I got a premium seat. My Dad has spoiled me and I do not like to sit in the butt anymore. When you become a frequent flier you'll get serious about your seats, too. The Lord worked that out real good. Big praise to You, Jesus!

Switching back to a mature spirit.

God got me on the plane with no issue, but I still don't know if I'll be able to see Z while here. Except that God's gonna work out something miraculously. 😁His father loves the control the natural court system gave him, and he doesn't like to let me see my son. My spirit is bigger now than it ever has been and so even though I may not get this visit, I'm content, joyful and rejoicing in everything God has done up to this moment, and am looking forward to more with great anticipation. I told The Lord I want to see Z, of course, but not my will, His be done. I'm not crying, whining, acting a fool in any way or fussing. That is so huge for Zari, and such a testimony of the power of maturing in my soul AND spirit.

To be even more transparent I had to repent to Jesus earlier and apologize to my angels. I asked for a specific parking space at the airport this morning but ended up parking a few spaces down. I had the nerve to tell these supernatural beings that wasn't exactly what I asked for. Ayudame, Dios. Seriously ... The Lord has me so spoiled it just don't make no sense. I don't know how He puts up with me. But He found something He enjoys because He keeps hanging around. 😊Let's pray:

God of Maturity, I thank You for growing me up and for your longsuffering and unlimited patience while doing it. I thank You for every trial that I've passed successfully and gained earned authority. I thank You for the trials I have to repeat because I didn't get it the first time or times around. I thank You that when you check records You reward me with abundance for every hardship that I overcome. I thank You for courage to face those hard things so that I can receive every blessing of my original design. I glorify You in all circumstances. Big honor, big praise, big love to You, Father! You are The Most! Amen.

Please release verbal agreement for supernatural pricing for all airlines tickets that need to be purchased by ZB Inc. and each SY5779 conference attendee coming to get some good deliverance for the new year ahead. And that God reveal to Patti and I who to award the sown registration to. Thank you.

I bless you in Jesus' Name and authority. And an extra if you read this whole thing.

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