Praise Yahweh! He is worthy to be magnified in The Earth and in Heaven!

I've been decreeing Proverbs 6:31 since last year and things are being repaid more and more often. First, I received payback sporadically and now things are coming back in succession. This reminds of the verse that talks about the kernel, the ear and the ear in the whatever (Mark 4:28).  

One thing that's returned this year is my friendship with Tam. I hadn't spoken with her since the Fall of 2019 and I missed my prayer partner. She gets me, and being a weirdy person of Faith, I need people in my life who get me. Patti Cake is one, of course, but the more the merrier when it comes to radical Faith.

You may not understand what I'm talking about, but when I talk about Faith to others I get deer-in-the-headlights and are-you-crazy looks all the time. My whole thing is: I was mess for a lot of years and needed supernatural assistance to get things set right. Jesus has done work. I'm not even playing with y'all. He has delivered me from stuff that others have committed murder and suicide over. I'm one of the many who don't look like what they've been through. So, when I'm presented with the opportunity to believe The Lord, I'm going all in.

Patti and Tam are the same way: We are women of Faith.

Look at this error. Patti and I record for the week on Sundays, and this week we recorded an hour of testimonies from the last three months. Did you read that? One hour worth of recent testimonies (Revelation 19:10). And, we didn't get them all. We forget stuffs because God shows up and shows out when people of Faith get together and celebrate. And we do this every week. Sometimes multiple times a week.

Well, the celebration for today is: The ministry got a new 4K video camera!! I have uploaded more than 1,000 videos to YouTube on my personal channels alone, plus what's on Bitchute, Vimeo and Supernatural Parenting's YT channel since 2012 and I've always recorded with my phones. Well, now the phones don't want to work. 

Holy Spirit has given us an assignment so we must move forward. We invested in a starter camera; but a nice one that will carry us while we work on our studio and get in the groove (anointing). It's scheduled to arrive tomorrow! And, you better know I sowed seed before I bought it. I sowed for a reasonably priced, quality camera and got it. Of course. 

Please agree that we honor The Godhead and serve people with excellence. Thank you. We love and are praying for you and are open to suggestions about how we may serve you. And, always remember: we LOVE to take care of single moms and widows. So, if you know any ... send them our way. We give away my deliverance book free of charge and since we launched the ministry we've put seed in those books, too. 

I bless your spirit to rise up in extravagant praise and worship to our God. 


© 2021 Zari Banks, M.Ed