Yeshua is great and greatly to be praised!

I've had the most amazing encounters and dreams the last five days, y'all. I'll share as much as possible but try not to make this too long. 

First, I went to Kevin Zadai's conference over the weekend. And, I bought some books. 😁 I buy books almost every week so this shouldn't surprise anyone. I bought Supernatural Finances the first day and said to myself, "One is enough; keep the rest of your money for sowing." But, I kept looking at the books on the tables; again this should surprise NO ONE. Then, I started talking to Yahweh Yireh about the books I wanted. I was told, "You've sown seed, haven't you? Then, you can afford to buy some books." Yipee! Some women buy clothes ... I buy books.

I also ran into Kevin and Kathi two or three times. I usually ask to meet some ministers when I go to a conference, and I always do. I met Chuck Pierce, John Eckhardt, Barbie Breathitt, Kat Kerr, Jim Caviezel and tons more "celebrities" by asking. This time I didn't ask because I wasn't looking my best and I just wanted to soak in the atmosphere and not be seen, but The Lord made it happen anyway. That's Favor. 

It's a well-known money-saving process to use cash and only spend the amount you have designated. That was my plan for the conference so by Sunday morning's offering I only had 58¢ left for the offering. You know I joyfully put that change right in the offering envelope.

I took away some good revelation from the conference. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Saturday morning I dreamed I ran into Kevin, just like I did in waking life later that day, and in the dream he said, "Don't worry about Zayne ... God's gonna motivate him."
  • That night during the service I had an encounter. Lying face down before The Lord and got washed by The Water of The Word (Ephesians 5:26). Meaning Jesus was pouring His brilliant blue water over me as I lay there and He was setting me free from a bunch of hang-ups that were limiting my progress in life. Afterward I got the understanding that He has been delivering me in deeper ways since about August 2020, and I entered an acceleration of deliverance that began December 26. He put me on this path because He desired me to be in a stronger position spiritually when Patti and I ramped up ministry this summer. He's so good. The testimonies I have since March 1, 2021 ... whoo! Let them ignite your faith, not make you jealous. 
  • I had an important dream Tuesday morning, which I'll share next. Sorry, this post is gonna be a long one after all.
  • Then, last night after midnight an angel came with an announcement! I'm loving this season.

Dream: Results, Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I was at a double-sided (back to back) conference room. Think of an H or a tennis court. I walked from one side to the other; it was packed with young people - 40 & under. As I walked I took my phone out of my right pocket and checked on my baby. I thought: he should be older/more mature by now. He was about 2-3 years, had wild red hair like Chuckie on Rugrats cartoon and a smirk on his face. I put the phone away and stopped at the center table between the 2 rooms. Chuck Pierce was at the table. He stopped speaking as I walked up to his right side; he handed me a stack of cards and the microphone. The cards were iridescent like -- had that rainbow coloring on them. When I looked at the cards, I noticed they were different levels: 1-5 with a diamond in the lower right corner and each level had a main color like yellow, green, pink, blue and red ... so I sorted them into stacks. They had babies on them and names at the bottom. I started calling names for people to come up and get their 'grades' based on how their babies had grown. I called some people and they didn't come up to collect their card. I went back and forth between the sides calling out names so people could receive their cards and see how they rated.

Interpretation: Babies are new or young projects, things we're nurturing and growing up. My baby wasn't as far along as I thought it should be. In this dream, our ministry is the baby. I had a vision of Patti and I speaking at conference in 2011, and have had dreams about us speaking in hotels since, but we've only held online conferences. This baby is not as mature as it should be. And, it was smirking because I've taken care it for seasons but then left it alone at other times over the years.

Although my baby wasn't as mature as it should be, I was still a tier above those to whom I handed out grades. Some of those folks weren't even present to receive their results. Hope that's not you -- missing in action while The Lord's handing out grades in this season. 

Chuck Pierce is an apostolic prophet and someone I've allowed to mentor me. He handed me a microphone and walked off. That's like passing a baton and sending me off to minister. I was on his right side which is the side of authority and strength; as opposed to the left which speaks of man's weakness and flesh. It's interesting me that Holy Spirit puts Chuck in my dreams when I'm being sent but never my 'official' apostle who ordained me, Prince Handley.

Of course, the rainbow color on the cards speaks of Yahweh, covenant, light and more. Many people wonder where they stand with God. If we've accepted Jesus, we're in covenant and it lasts forever; rainbows help remind us. Also, our ministries are ordained by Him, not something we just decide to implement. Even if we're not where we should be or we lay them down, He will recommission us as needed for launching. But, we must be present and willing to receive His feedback. Then, we must be willing to go (Mark 16:15).

I also submitted this dream for more feedback to my Dream Team and will share any additional insights when they get back to me.

As for the angel's announcement ... I'll save that for next week. Big, fat blessings to you in Jesus' Name.