Resurrection Power


Shalom and blessings!

We added a new morning prayer season 3 a.m. P/6 a.m. E Sundays through Fridays. It's called Power Prayer and you're welcome to join us if you have need. I'm getting blessed and I expect everyone sacrificing and pressing in with me to be as well. There's just something about meeting The Godhead early that they respond to with joy and provision.

Friday was exciting. The Angel of The LORD (Exodus 23:20-21) came to chat and bring revelation. This angel is often encountered around this time of Pesach/Passover. He walked up and said, "Resurrection Power will overcome insurmountable odds."

Me: I agree and receive.

A: How many weapons of warfare do you think I've given you?

Me: I have no clue, Lord. I sense you want to talk about Resurrection Power. Is that correct?

A: Well, I want you to consider that there's a weapon for every battle.

Me. That's loaded.

A: How do you know which weapon to use for each battle?

Me: Obvious answer is to ask, but there are also some examples in The Written Word.

A: Resurrection Power can become the weapon you need for any battle. It brings to life. The enemy brings death and destruction, but Resurrection Power overcomes that.

Me: Wow ... I know there's more.

At this point I caught a glimpse of something coming from Heaven into my left hand and becoming a weapon. I asked, "Why is Resurrection Power so powerful?"

A: Resurrection is a manifestation of Holy Spirit. It's who He is. It's not just something He does or releases. We are what we have and do.

Me: Wow. That makes sense. [End of Encounter]

The most-important part of this I want you meditate on is that The Godhead is what they have and do. We're taught this in The Written Word beginning in Genesis. When we encounter a Name of God, we're discovering what He does, has and is. For example in Genesis 22, Yahweh Yireh is The Lord Who Provides. He has provision, is provision and gives provision. Chew on that.

When you need provision, not only does Yahweh Yireh have it and give it, but He is provision. Therefore, if we have God/Yahweh Yireh, are we ever WITHOUT provision? No. It's impossible to be. We can't pick Him apart that way. Provider is who He is. We must look at Him this way and stop allowing the enemy tell us we're in lack or without to the point that that's what has manifested for us. We want to live with daily, minute-by-minute manifestations of God. Expect it. Believe, speak, receive.

I've had some of the most naturally impossible situations completely turn around for my great by praying for Divine Intervention at 3 a.m. in the morning for a season. I even wrote a prayer journal that'll help you focus and receive if you wanted to pray the fourth watch. O Lord, Meet Me in the Morning is an Amazon bestseller and is available on paperback or eBook form.

I bless you in Yeshua's Name!

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed