Revelation 2


My church has been reading and praying Revelation corporately as a part of counting the omer (Leviticus 23) for 5776 Ayin Vav. Now I'm doing it personally and journaling my communion with Holy Spirit. 

5.17.2016 7:26 p.m. Praying Revelation 2 (GNT)
Thank You, Yeshua, for this blessed Word. I await Your revelation, Holy Spirit.

-->"I AM constantly speaking to My churches, but not all listen. It's so much easier to do what man wants or what you've always done. I love My churches ... but, I AM not always welcome. It's a form of godliness without great gain."

I'm sorry, Lord.

-->"Things will change. My Spirit will come and wash over every house (church) ... and dross will be swept away."

You're always so hopeful.

-->"It's because I see."

Help me see, Lord. Help me to always see the potential.

-->"You have good sight, prophet (giggles)."

You know that term still makes me wince.

-->"You'll get used to it."

I pray this encourages you in some way. 
B'shem Yeshua!