Sands of Time


There's so much activity in the spiritual realm and in Heaven right now. It's an exciting season to commune with The Godhead. During prayer Monday morning (5.11.2020) I had a encounter of being in The Throne Room of Yahweh and I saw the angel of Revelation 10:5. At least I believe it was this angel. I've seen him three times now and each time he has signaled that a Judgment of God has been decided upon.
In The Throne Room The Father and Yeshua are seated and receiving worship. I'm often taken up to this Room when worshiping.

Every time I've seen this angel he's huge. Towering above The Court and into the sky above; I'd say the average-height person would only measure up to his knee. He has one foot in Heaven and the other on The Earth. This represents that God has intervened in something in our natural realm. I heard, "I AM crushing The Sands of Time under My Feet," and I saw an hourglass falling toward The Earth.

As I meditated on this encounter last night I came to believe several things:
1. We can overwrite natural time in this season. We always can when we know how, but I believe it's easier right now.
2. There will be acceleration and extensions. Suddenlies and grace periods for various happenings.
3. Most importantly, God is not sitting idly by while satan attempts to speed up the World Time Clock. Here's a clip of Dutch Sheets from April 2020 eloquently expressing my understanding of God getting involved in this coup attempt.

Daniel 7:25 has rung out loudly in my spirit several times over the last month or so. It reads, "he will speak out against The Most High and wear down the saints of The Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law." That's definitely what the demonic crowd is attempting to do right now, but it's not their time.
Praise God, Most High for He is crushing The Sands of Time under His Feet! The enemy will not win in this season. It is still God's Time and our Time to build the most-powerful Ekklesia ever as we worship, pray and seek His Voice and decree His Words into the natural realm.

Pray: As a Blood-Covenant Believer in Yeshua Messiah, I agree and decree The Sands of Time are crushed under Yahweh's Feet. I decree The Most High overrules every demonic attempt to change times and laws in The Earth. Our Messiah, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords reigns! Amen.

Once you've prayed, do not undo your work by saying differently. Be exceedingly blessed.

Swords and shields up for Our King Jesus!