Season of War


Today I stepped into Heaven in The SCB group and I was immediately doing kata. For those who haven't read my past posts on kata the definition is, 'A kata is an exhibition of a martial arts skill or movement, especially a pattern of such moves, such as a sequence designed to defend against an attack. Katas are primarily practiced in karate and judo and can be done as part of a competition or as a way of practicing the martial art.' I took Tae Kwon Do when I was young and that's where I learned it - and they're not only defense, they're also offense. For example, the one that I learned and recall begins with a block and then a punch.

I've seen my spirit do it during prayer since 2015. My spirit performs kata safely in the heavenly realms which looses angelic beings to war and defeat demonic entities. It also looks and feels a bit like dancing - worship warfare. It's rhythmic and intentional. Anyway, it's been like this the last few times I stepped in to Heaven. Worshiping and warring. It's that kind of season.

I was in Heaven's Business Complex, but I was warring. I was conducting business, or rather actions for my business (and Destiny and The Kingdom), by warring. Sometimes in the spiritual realm, what we do doesn't seem like it relates to the matter at hand, but it does.

There was a ton of activity going on, lots of people in the conference room and I was moving around the table making the strategic movements with a mattah in my hands and saying, "I'm coming out in Victory! I'm coming out in Victory!" After I did that for a while, my chant changed to the old hymn, "Victory today is mine. I told satan, get thee behind me. Victory today is mine!"

At some point new beings entered the room who were standing guard. I heard sentinels. I've encountered them before years ago. A sentinel is a soldier stationed as a guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attack. Our Father is good and Heaven is a lot of fun. Shortly after, I was overcome with a yearning to worship and I worshiped so that my heart felt it would burst. But instead of bursting, this stream of light came shooting up out of me and then I was zooming through the air following the stream. The worship lifted me up, set me free and sent me soaring. In case you didn't pick up on it: I won a battle today. And, I'm collecting the spoils.

I bless you to you worship your way through this season, to win every skirmish, punishing the enemy with great effect and to plunder many spoils. Amen.

© 2023 Dr. Zari Banks