Sowing for Abundant Harvests


This is gonna be a big seed year for me. I'm sowing for abundant harvests. It's a nine year - 5779. 

Let's talk a little about God's Time. First of all it's cyclical. Most of know this because we can see that hours, days, weeks, months and decades circle around and repeat again and again. Cycles. We grow up in schools being taught to make those linear timelines. They work for ordering facts but they're not complimentary to God's Time.

For example, I journal and can look at my life and see how I've moved forward in time, but have actually circled back around and am working on a big issue with God again. Days continued to move forward in a predictable line, but my spiritual journey is in a different place on the timeline than the days we may be viewing. Did that bug your brain? 😂 God's timing is what matters, that's my point. Yes, days progress in my life, but where my spirit is on my Divine Timeline is where I'm focused. Hope that makes a little sense to you.

This decade of 70 - Ayin - is about seeing in the spirit and learning to see the natural through spiritual eyes; otherwise known as aligning with God's view. That's one of God's overall foci for this 10-year season. Seventy is also fullness of perfection and completion of God's Law being fulfilled - remember Daniel read The Law and knew Israel's 70-year judgment should end so he fasted for the manifestation. I'm fasting right now. And I like the king's rich foods so I've been grumpy. I'm pulling down much grace right now. Believe it.

In addition, each year has a focus as well. The number nine represents harvests and fruitfulness - remember babies are born after nine months of prep; the gestation season ends and the seed comes forth as new life. Yes, God! That hit my spirit, y'all. Whoo! The seeds that I put down in the past, and have been watering and pruning, are coming up big this year. Nine also represents The Fruit of The Spirit. If you haven't been able to walk in either of those, you can this year in abundance. But as with everything with God, you have to seek after those nine gifts, AND you have to have sown good seed in the past to produce abundance in this harvesting season. Yes, Jesus!! That one hit me, too!

I'm going to walk through deliverance for Divine Timelines at #SY5779 next month. There's still time to register, get a plane ticket and book a hotel if you're not local. If you can't make the conference, you can order my book Sanctifying Time. It doesn't have the direct deliverance that I minister in person, but it will help you align your day-to-day life with God's Original Design.

Lastly, I'm encouraging you to sow a $57.79 seed for abundant harvests in 5779. I'm not asking you to sow to me, I just want to encourage you to sow. And sow into fertile soil - that means ask Holy Spirit where and when. Just make sure you sow a specific seed for this year, and don't try to tack it on to tithes. I've sown six days this week. I'm resting for The Sabbath. 😉

Speaking of sowing I received a testimony today. A friend said to me, "Since taking you to the airport twice, I've got two new cars paid in full, a house paid in full, my kid's tuition paid for and I'm debt free." You know I hugged my friend's neck praising God, and texted this praise report to Patti, Tam and Selena as soon as I got it. That's our Dad, y'all. He activated the prophet's blessing (I'll see if I can find the video for this) for me a year or so ago, and those who bless me do get blessed. It's a big honor. 

Normally I'd pray for us here, but the prayer for this year is actually on Prayer Junkie. Hop over there and read it aloud, in faith and then celebrate Yeshua, The Conquering King. Be blessed.

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