Sowing to Get Home


I had several adventures with Holy Spirit and my angels last week as I drove home from Chicago. One was a full-blown miracle. I shared it with Zayne, but haven't with anyone else, yet. I'll save that one for a while.

I was thinking, I've always had adventures with Jesus as a single mom, but something's changed now. Back when Z was young, the adventures of Faith were forced out of desperation but today my Faith adventures are birthed out of expectation. Totally different approach, same amazing results.

When I left Chicago I didn't have enough money to complete the 24-hour drive. I saw my money dwindle before I left so I started sowing. I went to Walmart to buy the last things Z needed before school began, and took out $40 cash so I had enough for one tank of gas, maybe one and a quarter. He mentioned to me after Living Word that he sowed all but $3 of his cash. I remembered that and handed him the $40. Men like cash. Plus he's accustomed to having at least a couple hundred in his wallet most of the time. I told him he sowed big into Dr. Winston's anointing earlier so his harvest was already in route.

Even the day before, though, when I only had $5 cash I went to Walmart for something and the Fire Department was out front seeking donations for MDA. I sowed that $5 and told Yahweh Yireh I was expecting full provision to get home. The time came for me to leave and I had enough for gas for the drive, but not enough stop at a hotel if I wanted to rest and break up the drive. Then, I needed an oil change. That's fine, it's usually only $40 or less at the dealer so I figured it'd be even less at Speedy Lube or something; just meant no food for the drive. I went to Walmart first because it was right next to the hotel. I pulled up to find three men standing around talking and not one made nary move to serve me. I left and went to another place. Sixty-five dollars, y'all. I said that better some Holy Spirit Anointed Oil they put in Revelation. That cut my available money down from four full tanks needed to get home, to 2.5 fill ups. 

Now, let me say that I had people who would've given me money and that would've been fine. But, I know my Dad. I know how He functions because I know Spiritual Law and I know my level of Faith. There was never any fear on my part. Also, there was a bigger story of why I didn't have money in the first place that involved two different banks' issues. I could literally log in to two banks and see money, but couldn't take any. So, instead of promoting the demonic and claiming they were delaying or denying me, I sowed in Faith. Heaven has to respond to my Seed-Faith. The Logos tells us we reap what we sow and with Faith everything's possible. There's no way I wouldn't have provision.

It gets betterer, though. I stopped twice and filled up which was 10 hours worth of driving (14 more to go). I had $40 left in the bank I could access which would've been my third of four tanks needed to get home as long the gas was priced right. I drove up to the gas pump, prayed and started to drive off. It was almost 10 p.m. and I'm not the greatest driver in the world to start, but I don't see all that well at night. That reminds me - I did some decrees as I drove and the angels did some stuff for me the second night driving. I'm talking moving semi trucks off the road and keeping cars a specified distance from me, giving me a pilot car to follow and possibly even more that I've forgotten or don't recall. My Dad LOVES me. 

Pulled out of the gas station and was going to get back on the road because there was another small town 32 miles down the road and I had enough to get there. As I did, I noticed some, don't be offended, Hippy-type folks in an airport shuttle van with a sign asking for gas to get to New Mexico. I said, "Yes! I need to get to NM, too, so I can sow into their travels for provision for my own." I told them to pull up to the pump. 

Me: I apologize, I only have $40 or I'd fill you up. I'll give you $30. 

Her: No problem. Whatever you feel comfortable with. We appreciate anything. 

Me: I don't have enough gas to get where I'm going but I know if I meet your need Jesus will provide what I need.

Her: Oh, I'll be releasing good karma for you.

Me: No need. God has done it before when I've given. Multiple times. I know I'll get it now.

Looked on my hotel app and found one right around the corner. Headed over and by the time I got there I had $217. That gave me $100 for the room to rest for the night and more than enough for gas and for food. 

I say again: I've been in this Faith Game with Yahweh Yireh for a while now. I've lost everything and been homeless. And since learning to sow into The Kingdom, I have no doubts about my needs being met ever, no matter where I am in the world. If you're not about that Kingdom Life, you may not want to walk on this puddle, yet. But do take my testimonies and rehearse them so your Faith increases. Worship Yahweh! The Testimony of Jesus Christ is The Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10). My testimonies of Jesus at work, can be received as prophecy of what He'll do for you.

Kingdom Life is definitely exciting. 😆

I bless you in Yeshua's Name and Authority. 

© 2021 Zari Banks, M.Ed