Study the Soil


Happy and Blessed 2019, loved ones! This year I'm taking everything by faith.

Let me get right into my title topic, though, before I get sidetracked and have to rename it. I've done that many times before. 🙄

My money mentor always says, "Study the soil," meaning to pay attention to where my money goes and the types of returns I receive. Today I was looking at my income and was pleasantly blessed by the increase, and I got to thinking about where I sowed last; right before this blessing came to me. The soil is super fertile. I've known about this soil for a while, but today for some reason (a reason called Holy Spirit leading me to some revelation, I'm sure) I wondered why in the world it's SO fertile. What is going on with this soil that makes it produce in 24 to 48 hours every time? And how can I become that same or greater kind of soil? 

Do you pay enough attention to where you're sowing and whether or not you get the full and proper increase?

I'm building an empire right now so I'm watching my seeds like a hawk. I'm also going back and getting the increase owed to me from past seeds I didn't fully reap from according to what should have been received. I'm also making sure I have no month-to-month debt that'll eat up my income in interest. If you have any debt, big or small, that you want to focus on paying off naturally and supernaturally, 30 Days to Debt Freedom started January 1, 2019 on Prayer Junkie, and there's no cost except for your time, faith and focus to pray along.

For some people time, faith and focus are negatively expensive because they're still in bondage to the enemy. Money, time and focus are things God created to serve us. If your money, time and therefore what you give your attention to aren't under your control, you need deliverance. Speaking of ... this reminds me of two dumb human things I heard today that people - in their natural thinking - loved. 

One is to trust the timing of our lives. That is just stupid. There's nothing in God's Word that tells us to trust time. Nothing. Time is a servant, created by El-ohim for us to measure our days, etc. and it's not meant to be trusted, it's meant to come under our dominion. And what if your timeline has been handed over to the enemy and you're living out demonic cycles and curses on time year after year? Who wants to trust that?! You'll never possess your birthright or The Promises of God in that situation.

Yeshua, help us. Believers, we have to stop just clicking 'Like' on things that sound good when they can't be found confirmed in The Logos. It's time to come into Kingdom Dominion in this generation. It's time for The Body to rise up and stop being trampled. God said, "It's time," and that's where I'm headed this year. Patti Cake, too. And you can come if you want.

There's room for everyone in The Kingdom system. It's not like the world that takes from the wealthy so some don't have to produce. And when you do produce and get wealth, that doesn't limit anyone else's ability to increase. Come on. Let's truly represent God this year and stop playing victims. 

So sorry (not sorry) y'all ... got hot there for a sec. I am about to go to The Court of Heaven and handle some legal biz. Take what you need by faith.

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