Submit and Resist


Going through something? I'd be surprised if you weren't.

And, I have to ask: Are you praying through it or crying about it?

That may sound harsh, but it's a valid question. I used to cry about everything. EVA-REE-THING. Even though that's a natural part of our human experience, it doesn't move God or angels. And, when we're in a battle we need Him and them to secure the victory.

Saints I'm here to level you up, to mature you so that you don't break down every time a situation arises. Basic operation of the spiritual realm: if the demon assigned to harass you gets the desired reaction out of you, they get rewarded and you get a label that informs their network what works and where to apply pressure. Yes, Saints, demons work in a network system because two heads are betterer than one. And, the most-common tag-along demon is fear. When lack comes around, fear comes, too. With sickness, fear comes in with a big ole smile on its ugly face. I say introduce them all to Slap Ministry.

I'm here to remind you to be steadfast in your Identity in Jesus and immovable in faith. On yesterday's prayer call we focused on James 4:7.

Therefore submit to God. But resist the devil and he will flee from you. (TLV)

Did you get that? Flee from you. The English definition of flee is to run from a place or situation of danger. Do you understand that when you submit to Yahweh and resist the enemy the situation becomes DANGEROUS FOR THEM? It is DANGEROUS for demons to mess with you when you're submitted to God and actively resisting them.

One thing my angel, Ron Ronald, explained to me is that Yahweh's Instructions are always simple. So simple a child can perform them. We're the ones (people) that make things difficult. And, it's true. God's never once given me a difficult instruction. He may have advised me to do something I didn't want to do or feel like doing, but nothing complicated or hard.   

Submit to God, resist the enemy. SIMPLE. You know what messes us up? "But, it hurts." Whether emotional or physical pain, that's where difficulty arises. The Instructions from The LORD for winning against the enemy are very simple. Submit, resist. Our human spirits can do this without even thinking about it because they know better than to give demons an upper hand. Problems arise when we give soul - human mind, will, emotions, intellect and imagination - any say so in how we respond to situations.

I don't like to lose. I've lost enough in my life. So, I'm willing to submit to Holy Spirit and forcefully resist demons until they're running scared. And, you must train yourself to do the same. Get in the practice of blessing yourself and honoring your spirit every morning when you get up. Say:

Body and soul, I bless you. You're going to have a wonderful day receiving direction from my spirit. Spirit, I bless you and call you forward to deliver Wisdom from Holy Spirit in every situation. Yahweh designed you to lead, and you're plugged in to The Grace Pipeline to Holy Spirit and Heaven.

When you first begin, you'll have to periodically remind your body and soul they're not in control. You want to speak uplifting words to them, but firmly let them know your spirit is a well-equipped response center that's submitted to Jesus, who is your Head/Master.

I guarantee you can overcome in every situation if you follow whatever instructions The LORD gives you. Submit and resist is super simple. So, do it. And, to anyone who says, "Easier said than done," or anything along those lines, that's your soul responding instead of your spirit. Level up, Saints.

This is for responding when a situation has already come to you. Next time I'll give some examples of how to actively resist attacks. If you really want to level up, start commanding your life so that nothing enters your realms without your decree.

I bless you in Jesus' Name and Authority.

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed