Testimony Tuesday


NOTE: I apologize there's no recording of today's live stream. I'm having that type of week with video so please keep me in prayer. As you sow seeds of prayer for me, God will send a harvest of intercession your way. Thank you!

In the video live video I covered the meaning of today's date:

  • 5 = grace +/works -
  • 20 = tested, tried and true +/found lacking, complete separation -
  • 14 = deliverance, double portion, Passover

I also shared this testimony of answered prayer:

  • God's provision isn't always monetary. Let Him deliver you from a mindset that focuses on money with no purpose. Example, earlier this year my son and I prayed and agreed for $550 for a laptop he wanted. After praying about three weeks someone gave him the laptop. We prayed for money, but God provided the item the money would purchase.

Two wonderful testimonies that came in:

  1. From London, England (unedited): "I have so many things that I am trying to go through at the moment. It is really encouraging because before I came across you and patti I was searching for something praying that God would help me to get some christian resources online and God has answered my prayer.
    It seemed as though I just stumbled across your resources but I can see now that it was God that was actually leading me, I have told my sister about your resources and she will be purchasing some of your materials. I will pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you close to his heart always!!!"
  2. From a single mom (unedited): "Thank you so much!!! For your book, "My Money Grows on Trees" I have broken through in my finances."