That Laugh


On my walk Saturday evening (7/9/2022) the sky hosted this amazing performance. I was so captivated I wasn't watching my feet, which is dangerous because I'm a bit clumsy. I saw the whole rainbow, one side to the other, and more.

I told Dad how beautifully He was painting up the sky for my walk. It seemed to get more and more stunning as I made my way and I told Him, "You're showing out for me tonight!"

He tilted His Head back and laughed as if I'd just said something wonderful to Him. And, of course, I got all weepy, just like I am now remembering it. I pleased The Father. Can you believe that? That just melts my heart in a wonderful way and brings tears to my eyes. Something I said made Him so joyful that He laughed that deep, glorious, completely uninhibited laugh. That totally free laugh from the belly that's peaceful and genuine and oozing with happiness.

I've had so many good visits in Heaven's Realms lately. And, sooooo many dreams. This harvest season is my best ever. But, then, Holy Spirit said in October it could be this way so I shouldn't expect anything less.

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed