The Ekklesia


Jesus never told you to pray for demonic systems. 

Think about that the next time you're advised to pray for your government. Demonic systems must be overturned so people can exit slavery, live and thrive. 

If you don't know our government is a demonic system at this point you're detrimentally deceived. They fought hard to kill babies, they're fighting now to violate the first amendment to censor free speech and they changed Yahweh's definitions of men, women, family and marriage.

What in the world could you possibly pray for all that demonic foolishness to The God of Justice? Nothing. It just has to be completely overhauled. And, that's why The Church is called a governing body - Ekklesia.💯

Jesus said the gates of hell won't prevail against a governing body with revelation of who He is and how He operates. The American Church has ignored who Jesus is for seeker friendliness, false peace and tax protection. We saw Jesus pay taxes as additional income Peter didn't work to make, so what's the real issue that causes churches and Believers to bow down to man for that 503c status?

The gates of hell have prevailed against The American Church for a long time. We're responsible for this nation and it's in complete chaos right now. People  unsure if they're male or female, and mutilating their bodies in the confusion, is chaos. Holy Spirit can do a great work in chaos, but He has to be loosed into it by The Church. Many aren't loosing Him because they don't have true revelation of Jesus and His Kingdom.

Believers are called to redeem all things. All means all. We're to buy back souls and nations for Jesus through Jesus' Finished Work. But, we've been sold a lie about what being in the world but not of it means. You're not to just allow things to fall apart around you. No, you're supposed to stand up, pull resources from Heaven and correct things. Jesus demonstrated this when He saved you. He changed you, corrected you, redeemed you and you're instructed to go and do likewise.

Now, if you're still living life as an un-redeemed man, that's your fault for not studying to show yourself approved and not developing intimacy with The Godhead. At some point you have to look at The Promises, then examine your life, notice any disconnect and realize it's you, not Them.

I've matured in Messiah, and have authority, assignment and instruction to overturn demonic systems and am doing so with others connected to 1123 Ministries.


© 2023 Dr. Zari Banks