The Law of Free Will


I read this prayer request today:

"Pray that I do what God wants me to do. My wife is an unbeliever and sometimes things are hard."

This is not a Biblically-based prayer and therefore has little to no chance of being answered. More than likely it'll draw more demonic activity through temptation into his home than anything else because he doesn't know The Word. Let me splain:

1. Yahweh created the universe based on spiritual and natural laws. The spiritual laws are in The Bible, often woven into the histories of the characters we read about so many times and in Yeshua's Parables. We discover natural laws as we live and learn here on Earth. Yahweh demonstrated that we must live by laws by giving the Israelites The Mosaic Law. The Mosaic Law is a type and shadow of spiritual law in The New Covenant.

2. We have what we believe in our hearts and say with our mouths -- Mark 11:23-25, Luke 6:45, Romans 10:17. This man is confessing his wife to be an unbeliever, therefore, she'll always be an unbeliever until he confesses her as saved. I talk about this in my book O Lord, Deliver Them: Warring for Unsaved Loved Ones. He (we) must call things that are not as though they already were; it's a Divine Principle to do so -- Romans 4:17.

3. Humans are created with free will; the ability to choose. It's The Law of Free Will. We cannot be made to do anything unless we submit to an authority to give them jurisdiction over us. And even then we can choose to break the laws at any time and face consequences. We obey laws out of reverence, honor and respect for the governing authority. If we're obeying out of fear of consequences, we're in the flesh and not aligned with The Kingdom of Heaven (2 Timothy 1:7). If we disobey laws we're in rebellion, and that's witchcraft. And not only is it witchcraft, it's witchcraft brought into our lives by our own actions, and not by someone speaking against us.

Doing good things for the wrong reasons limits The Blessing of The Lord in many believers ' lives. He's always looking at our inner motives (heart). We choose to do what The Father wants us to do or not. It's Law that we must choose for ourselves to do rightly. He's not going to answer a prayer that we make the right choice because it has nothing to do with Him. He gives the option of honoring Him or not, and we pick. It's all about self-control, which He's already endowed us with basically through Yeshua (2 Timothy 1:7), and it's also a Fruit of The Spirit which becomes habit with revelation and practice (Galatians 5:22-23).

4. This type of prayer will get the demonic's attention because it's fear based. Think back to Job what I greatly feared came upon me (Job 3:25). After Job voiced his fears and followed up with the action of offering sacrifices daily in fear instead of faith, satan showed up with legal agreement to tear him up. This man is meditating on the situation which is framing his world with his words (Hebrews 11:3).

Yeshua said if we have faith, we'll tell circumstances what to do and where to go and it'll be done for us (Mark 11:23-25). WE say it how it's gonna be, and whichever kingdom we're agreeing with in the spiritual backs us up and makes it happen. Who has your agreement? 

The Kingdom of God is built on a system of laws. The spiritual realm is built on laws. The natural realm is built on laws. We're not slaves to The Mosaic Law, but we still need to know how the spiritual realms operate so we can win.

If you pray the legal way, you'll get what you're asking. What's the legal way? Praying The Word in faith. I can tell you as a living witness, that it works.

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