The Right Track


This new devotional - ​Sanctifying Time - is an example of what comes of me telling God I'm not writing ANY more books. You'd think I'd learn, but I haven't. I told Him I'd NEVER move to Seattle (or any big city with lots of traffic), told Him no for almost three years ... and look where Zari is 2-3 weeks out of every month. Seattle. 😆

So ... I'm totes on the right track.

Two days ago I recorded a little what's happening vid for ​Ztv. Afterward I was refreshing my makeup to leave the house, and while I'm standing at the mirror powdering a crazy demon flew in and unleashed a huge attack on me. It body-slammed and slimed me over and over for several matrix minutes of time, and I completely fell apart.

Now ... that type of attack was definitely a distraction. I'm not certain of what The Lord was trying to give, show or tell me, but it was worth a huge tantrum from the demonic. And because they're not the smartest kids in the class, they actually ended up helping me big time.First, I got revelation of me looking and acting like a demon when I loosed a day and a half verbal criticism of everything wrong in someone's life last March. To fix that I needed to cleanse and sanctify the time for me and them. I did so with focus last night.

Second, they convinced me to go ahead (immediately, not just some day) and publish this book on cleansing and sanctifying time.

Third, they drove me back to focused tongues every day for an hour or more. Yesterday I prayed in tongues for three hours. Oh, my gosh ... demons don't learn, I don't learn. I gotta fix that. To my credit, The Lord is hard to figure out sometimes; and I'm still working on completely blind obedience.


Why is cleansing and sanctifying time important? 

Because God created time and deemed it good and holy. He also created it as a boundary. Humans don't really like boundaries, unless we've personally imposed them, and so we rebel against God and break them often.

El-ohim saw that the light was good; and El-ohim separated the light from the darkness. El-ohim called the light day, and the darkness He called night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day. ~ Genesis 1:4-5

Night is a time (nighttime) and day is a time (day time) and the separation of the two is a universal, God-created boundary. Joshua is a Biblical example of that being altered legally (Joshua 10:13).

Then El-ohim blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which He had created and made. ~ Genesis 2:3

How does our time get defiled (unholy, unsanctified, dirty)? 

Sin, stepping away from God's original design for any creation, demonic corruption.

He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law ... ~ Daniel 7:25

Basically stated, when we step outside of God's original design we're acting like satan. He - satan - is who wants to tell God what He created is wrong, should be different, is binding us, etc. (nothing new under the sun, right; he told Eve the same lie: that God's choice isn't best), and when we do the same, satan is who we're honoring and that's always bad for us. There's always a consequence, a contract or curse, that comes into our lives when we do what satan would do instead of what Yeshua does.

I'm gonna add on to the above with a personal example. God has been healing and delivering me in about five areas. One is acting like satan and Eve. I've been guilty of speaking out against The Most High, telling Him His choices for my creation were bogus and accusing Him of not doing right by me.

I did this to Him in March 2017, but I fasted and prayed in tongues for four days and got delivered. He brought it to my attention that there were other topics that I was still treating Him like the redheaded stepchild over. My body is one area. I'm always fussing at Him about the shape of my head, my hair, my feet, my height, my gigantic butt ... everything.

He was really patient about it initially. At the beginning of 2018 I was fussing about my looks and He sent a week's worth of people that were complimenting my outward and inward and spiritual beauty. Believe it or not that STILL didn't shut my mouth. Now several months later, He was less patient and made it clear to me that if I wanted to continue to get delivered and move forward I needed to stop blaming Him for His good work, for His plans which I only know some of and get my mind right or stay stuck under the enemy's thumb.

Now I have a list of things that I've accused Him of not doing His best at that I have to work through. I'm sure you do, too. I know several have asked why He gave them the noses they have, why they were put in the families He chose knowing they'd be traumatized and much more.

If you notice in this post I've mentioned March a few times. March is one of three months of the year that I can look back over my life and declare without a doubt have been cursed. I went back over my past and found tons of heart-breaking events took place in the month of March over the years. I haven't looked at my family to see if it's generational - but I at least know it's my issue so I've been cleansing March.

I cleansed three specific dates last night from a big trauma a couple years ago. I'm just now remembering another trauma on a different day in March from 2011 that I'll cleanse when I'm finished here. I've only been cleansing my time so deeply for a couple months so by the time March 2019 comes around it'll be sanctified and full of blessings. I'm looking forward to that.

And I know I'm on the right track because this morning I dreamed about another event from a past March that also needs to be cleansed. Thank You, Lord! I'm getting free, y'all. After years of decent breakthroughs, I'm bulldozing through the enemies' tangled messes now. Yes and amen. I'm living my best life.

If you need help with tough areas that you've done all you know to do, but still haven't been set free I have several resources that may help:

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I bless you in Yeshua's Name.

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