When things go wrong in our lives, we often take the spiritual warfare route where we go in looking for the demonic. Who's fault is this? Who's causing this? I've matured and am learning to put God first in all things - including and especially troubles. I'm going to share with you what may be a new perspective, but one that a mature spirit will appreciate.

I'm learning that when things go wrong to ask God why He allowed it. As believers and active servants of Yeshua, every attack not brought on by our own sin has to be pre-approved by God. Go to Job. God established the boundaries of what satan could do each time because Job was righteous.

Two things to remember here: First, Job was righteous, not sinning and assuming God would protect Him anyway. Job was running after God daily for himself and his offspring. If you have more time for Facebook, games, attending services or anything else than you do for The Godhead each week you may want to ask if They're ok with that. Side note: This is something (one of at least five things) Holy Spirit is surveying in my life right now. I'm a summer person and I love to play in the summer, but God still wants a set minimum of my time. So I have to rearrange some things so He gets what He requires from me.

Second, God approves of boundaries. The Bible is full of boundaries and verses about not moving others' boundary markers and so much more. Keep that in mind because much of the chaos in the world is about boundaries - who can step into what roles, lands, etc. God is for boundaries. He established and continues to establish boundaries. God is not and never has been a free-for-all Spirit.

Back to responding to when troubles come. So, instead of trying to figure out what demon is coming against you and who sent it, ask God what's in it for Him? One of your favorite Christian clichés (you know it is, don't deny it 😂) says that God doesn't waste anything. And others say everything has a purpose and it's prep for your next level or breakthrough, right? In order for those to be true, God has to have a plan for the outcome of the trouble you're in. This is what I've learned to do:

Ask God what His plans are for the other side of the trouble? What would victory over this situation look like to Him? I've been in situations where I knew I'd be able to get out once I learned the lesson but I just didn't know WHAT the lesson I needed to master was. ASK. Matthew 7:7. Ask. Ask God what benefit will come to The Kingdom when you overcome. When you know what the victorious outcome will be you can then come up with strategy for action that's way more powerful than going through a list of possible demons to fight. And honestly, you'll only know a little about the victory because it'll be multiplied.

I know we can't all hear God on the same level, so if you're not hearing the answers to the above questions, at least tell Him you submit to the training so that The Kingdom gets advanced while you're in the furnace. And speaking of the furnace, that's a perfect example of what I'm talking about here. The Hebrew men were put in the furnace which was trouble for them, but The Kingdom was advanced and spread across Babylon as a result of their deliverance. They didn't have to ask what demon was coming against them, they had such faith in The Godhead they knew He had a victory plan all along and were in it for the win. That being said, if your faith is like theirs and you already know that everything is gonna work for your great and aren't even a jot or tittle afraid to die at any minute for Yeshua ... go on wit ya bad self and don't waste time asking questions. But if you're someone who's under attack and you're thinking this is Jezebel, this is a word curse, this is a horsefly ... I'm offering a more sophisticated and mature approach to spiritual warfare. And it's getting time for The Body to grow up in the ways of war or we're gonna continue losing.

I have some very specific examples of this, one I mentored someone through yesterday and several of my own. I've been working on this new process since March 2017, but I didn't have as much language for it as I do today. I pray something here blesses you.

P.S. I've had some people register for this site recently. There's no need. I don't have any private groups right now nor do I have the time or desire to try and facilitate one. If you need more than my events, blogs or downloadable teachings, you'll have to book a mentoring session. Contact me to do so. 

Big blessings to you!

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