Update: Missing Arms Vision


SY5779 is just 17 days away! Today I got the lunch and dessert order placed so that's one more thing checked off the to-do list. My family's eatery is catering it and we're having cupcakes for dessert. Food is included with your registration - I'm an eater so you should've expected to get your belly ministered to along with your spirit and soul (and body if you need healing). There is still - a little - time to register. 

It's gonna be totes awesome. I flew to Chicago last week and did some of the ministry to the human spirit that I'll be doing at the conference. It's much easier to do in person than any other way - at least for me as a deliverance practitioner. Though I do acknowledge there's no time or distance in the spirit. And after a portion of the person's spirit got set free from demonic control God said, 'everything is turning' ... and they've been moving forward with acceleration since then. Hallelujah!

If you need to be set free and you've been through as much deliverance as you know how to do plus what others have done and are still bound, come. You'll be exceedingly blessed. If you're truly desperate and want to be free, that is. We all know some folks are cool with their demons.

Not me ... I'm trying to get free from a curse that's on me right now, and I don't have any tools for freedom. Yet. So, I'm sitting with and submitting to Holy Spirit in regular sessions until He deems my deliverance work is acceptable and He unlocks these chains.

BT dubbs ... due to the personal nature of deliverance ministry, this revolution will not be televised or recorded. You'll need to be present to win. [See what I did there? ... must be present to win ... I'm hilar. 😂]
Here are some of our desserts you can enjoy at the conference.

Now on to the Missing Arms vision I had Sunday. You'll need to go read that post before this will make much sense. 

So ... Sunday morning I had that closed vision. Closed meaning eyes closed, but awake. I know I was awake because I checked myself after I realized I'd had a vision. I said: What was that?! Was I dreaming? Nope I'm awake; it was a vision. Whoa. Wow. Hmm ... 

I put the vision out to the world to get some feedback and NOBODY had any for me. Which is fine. God does that sometimes. For various reasons. One being some stuff He can't afford to be misconstrued or misinterpreted so He just holds the revelation for you or as in this case, letting it unfold and then confirming.

Yesterday I received a notification that my post about the vision had been read by one of my mentors. She didn't give me any feedback, though. I reread the vision just to keep it fresh in my mind and as I did, the revelation flooded in.

Since Sunday - the day of the vision - every request I've agreed on with a prayer partner has manifested with great shows of favor on my behalf from God. The vision was the shift or the precursor to this amazing favor I'm walking in right now. Those angels are assigned to me and have been given the Yes and Amen from The Father to make it happen, cap'n. Eso!
I had no idea those angels were for me. That never even occurred to me. I figured The Lord was showing me angels for lots of people. But those angels were all mine. I just got that revelation as I'm here typing this. I am spoiled. Thanks, Dad. 

Some notes about this favor:

  • I'm not sure if this great favor is only for a season or if it's permanent, but I want to know so I can keep it up or recreate it in the future.
  • I'm not sure if my prayer partner is getting every manifestation from our agreement or if it's only on my side. I'm waiting for feedback from her to know if she's getting her stuffs, too.
  • The favor is on money and things related to my schedule. The schedule is important because it affects every day and area of my life. Being that I'm always on the go and reside in two places, this favor is crucial.
  • I suspect the favor has to do with a couple of other things, too, but I'm still fleshing these possibilities out. First, I cleansed November and December which have been cursed months for me the past tons of years, but this year God's blessings get to come through in fullness. This cleansing of my timeline - which I've been doing daily and weekly since I already did the months (come to the conference for more info) may be kicking in early because I'm owed treasure stored up from years before.
  • Next, I'm in transition, you've gotta have provision for transition and God is THE Ultimate Provida. That's not a typo. He's so good at what He does, I had to put some stank on it, honey.
  • There are probably some other factors, too, but that's enough for here. I've been texting Patti, Tam & Selena every instance of favor so I've been blowing up their phones the past three days. I Thank God for people who love me. 😍 And have the patience and personalities to deal with me.

I wrote a couple of books sharing how I broke through after being laid off, foreclosing and being homeless. They'll bless you if you're someone who's willing to add sowing to your life - especially if you're struggling financially. Dude ... when I was homeless I wrote 2-3 articles a day at Starbucks, drinking their nasty coffee if I couldn't afford a Mocha, and using their wi-fi, that paid $2.50-$3 each and I still sowed the $0.25 and $0.30 'cause I wasn't trying to be broke forever. Then I started getting higher-paying articles, and wrote my first devotional. And I started increasing my giving.

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