Visitor Angel


Yesterday during prayer a visitor angel stopped by.

He's not one of my assigned angels, but is assigned to a partner ministry. I've seen him three times now. The first time I asked for him this time I didn't. I just asked that 'our angels' come near. Our angels meaning those assigned to everyone present for prayer.

When I noticed him it seemed he wanted to speak and I invited him to do so. He spoke about consistency in prayer, available weapons, how to access them and how we'd learn to use them. This is great news because we're still in a season of war and we need every weapon available to us so that we overcome and prosper. When he finished speaking, he took off.

Did you catch the revelation I shared above? This visitor was a partnering ministry's angel. Some Believers still don't understand that when you partner with a ministry you have access to anointings, blessings and angels assigned to that ministry (see Luke 5). We have tons of financial angels and anointing attached to our ministry. That's why we get instructions all the time about how to prosper in any season. We've been praying for supernatural debt cancellation for others since 2013 and the angels facilitate the work. We have a host of revelation angels, wisdom angels. Patti's working on Divine Health and healing so those angels are increasing in number. When you partner with us, those angels are available to you.

Here's another piece of revelation to be reminded of. If what I shared about angels is new revelation for you, sow into it. When you sow into it, you have legal spiritual partnership to practice it and teach it (see Luke 5). When you eat of someone's bread (revelation) and then try to walk in the anointing or teach it to others without a thank you that's spiritual theft. Spiritual theft keeps many Believers from prospering. I taught this in my book My Money Grows on Trees: Sowing into Revelation and Wealth and we'll discuss it more during Prosper NOW! in February 2022.


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