What If My Spouse Won't Tithe?


Q: If two believers are married and one doesn't tithe, what is the impact on the household? The saints in the Baptist church teach that the entire household is cursed. However, shouldn't the one that tithes still be entitled to the tither's rights? Wouldn't the spiritual law still stand? -- S, January 2020 

A: Tithing is a Covenant, not a Spiritual Law. Covenant breaking invokes curses, Spiritual Laws either give you a blessing or you miss out on a blessing - no curse involved. Spiritual Laws are universal and work the same every time the principles are used whether you have a relationship with The Godhead or not.

For example, give and it's given to you. That's a Law. You don't open yourself up to a curse if you choose not to give you just won't be given to supernaturally or with tons of increase. This is why people who don't believe in God can still prosper abundantly - The Law of Sowing and Reaping works for everyone all the time.

Covenants are spiritual agreements that you enter voluntarily. No curse comes from not tithing unless you told God you would always tithe and then stopped. If the non-tithing spouse never entered into The Covenant of Tithing with Yahweh Yireh, they're not subject to the curse that would come for breaking it.

Tithing is a Covenant of Protection - God rebukes the devourer, you're able to make money with a job or business, you stay healthy so you can work and produce, whatever you create/produce is blessed and people see your livelihood is under His Protection and also blessed. You can sow seed without tithing, but you have no protection from the devourer and no protection of your job or business for income, etc. And with all the stuff the devourer would potentially do to your finances and life, it may very well seem like a curse. The demonic like to steal, kill and destroy and without a Covenant Hedge they'll have more access to you.

Therefore, if one's tithing, they have Tither's Rights. The two are one so the Rights carry over partially. But that income that isn't tithed off of, is up for the devourer to grab any time they want. So constant trouble at work may happen, no raises, no promotions and things like that potentially for either spouse. Also, any warfare to stop an attack could possibly be more intense because there's not complete protection. In all honesty and most importantly, there's missing agreement in the marriage and that's where the enemy will focus and work to tear them apart. How can two walk together unless they're agreed?

Why would any believer not want to tithe? It's the ONLY realm of our lives we're able to test The God of Creation to see if it works like He declares. There's no Faith required in that because He actually said we could see to believe instead of believing to see. You don't have to tithe. You don't have to give. You don't have to do ANYTHING you don't want to do. Tithing is a benefit package available for you. Covenant by nature means that whatever your partner has is yours when you need it. Why wouldn't you want to enter into that type of contract with The Creator of the Universe? And it's a benefit only those in relationship with Him through Yeshua Messiah can receive.

The bottom line is: giving is birthed in the renewed spirit that is no longer conformed to the world but is one with The Godhead. If any giving is a negative issue for a believer, they don't have a completely sanctified relationship with The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. They're Givers and when you know and love Them, giving is birthed inside and manifested outwardly. You naturally become a cheerful giver because you've become more like Them.

***It's so funny to me that we argue about Dad's desires to bless and heal us. You'd think that because we have an enemy who's sole purpose is to steal from, kill and destroy us, that we'd just believe God and go for it simply because He promises the opposite of what our enemy wants for us. Our fleshly and natural resistance to what God says should be the first clue that we SHOULD act on the area of discomfort.