Who Ordered COVID?


Last month some friends and I began praying for America. We've prayed against the virus, we've opened the door for HCQ, we've decreed exposure and loosed angels to put an end to the riots. We're taking The Nation for Jesus.

The Church is supposed to be a House of Prayer for all Nations (Mark 11:17). Before any service, sermon or missionary assignment, prayer should happen. As a teacher of effective prayer strategies based on Biblical Protocol, I can tell you that churches haven't properly kept up this charge given to us by our King, Jesus. I'm working to change that in my ministry with every post, course, book, video or teaching. I live my life based on prayer - praying according The Word and Will of Yahweh.

As hidden things in our Nation are exposed, we can expect greater Revelation surrounding the recent worldwide virus attack. Joshua Fowler hosted a prophetic roundtable (search his FB page) March 26 and Jim Hodges prophesied that the virus was manufactured in a lab for a specific reason, and that Truth would be revealed. Chuck Pierce (go to Prophecy Central on his website) prophesied similarly if not word for word. For the third time I've come across a prophet saying this virus was manufactured. In addition, the German government stated they have evidence of it being manufactured and a Swedish study that was published June 5, 2020 (currently being censored) concluded it was manufactured in a lab.

Normally I would put links to these sources for you to view, but I'm giving you the opportunity to do your own research so you can connect the dots for yourself. If you can locate and see the connections personally, you can believe it and not feel you're being steered toward an opinion.

Oh, one more note. The World Health Organization, which has proven dishonest repeatedly this year alone, posted a correction yesterday stating asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 aren't spreading the virus. That being said: stop wearing those masks unless you're sick and are trying not to infect others. And if you're sick, stay at home. That goes for any cough or flu. Corporations that use facial recognition (such as Apple, Inc.) are activating tracing software on phones, etc. when someone's wearing a mask. This tags every Apple phone that comes in contact with a mask-wearer so health departments can track others. They put these measures in place while cases of COVID-19 are decreasing rapidly. Why would do that? Think. 

The Body of Christ in The U.S. needs to increase in spiritual discernment. I hear Believers saying people are Jezebels using witchcraft all the time, but in large part they're not able to see these giant serpentine spirits that are circling above our Nation practically in plain view. It's time to wake up, Church. As The Church goes, so goes a nation. Looking at our country today, we have evidence that our Church Body isn't walking in Dominion or leading The Culture.

I do not apologize for how I spoke here. That's the type of prophet I am. I hate it when Believers aren't living according to what Jesus paid for. My life was that way for too long, and I will not go back to low-level living when I'm seated in Heaven with Yeshua at the Right Hand of The Father. 

Be exceedingly blessed in Jesus' Name.