Why Is Giving So Uncomfortable?


Q: ​I tithe. However, sometimes I feel conflicted about it. I want to be cheerful about tithing. Finances is tight, but I still give. Can you tell me why is giving sometimes not comfortable or it raises eyebrows even when I want to give? -- S, May 2014

A: The short answer is because it's a concept contrary to our fleshly natures. The longer answer is a lack of revelation.

Giving feels uncomfortable when you are bound by the stronghold of the poverty mindset and by the spirit of mammon. Everything we have comes from God so when we're giving back 10% or anything to Him we should be full of joy. If the joy isn't there it's because we're hearing the lies of the enemy, saying things like:

  • as soon as you give this you'll have that much LESS than the little bit you already had
  • God's not going to open up heaven for you. You're barely making it so you can't keep believing He's providing
  • it's your money and you should decide what it's spent on
  • and more.
I have tithed since I was a teenager but I did it for the wrong reasons. I heard a story that moved me to tithe in fear. God doesn't want tithes given in fear or from a stingy hand. He looks at our heart (inner) motives in all things.

Now I know that when I tithe I'm renewing my covenant with Him for the blessing promised in Mal. 3:10-12. Will He bless me if I don't tithe? Of course, He's a loving Father. But I don't get access to the windows of heaven being opened over me or His protection against the devourer if I don't. I wrote a book on how I broke through in the area of finances. It's called My Money Grows on Trees and gives step by step instructions of how I came out of homelessness in 2011 to God delivering me into a 'house I did not build'.

You have to fight the lies the enemy whispers to you about tithing. The Bible tells us to cast down every imagining (thought) that exalts itself against the knowledge (revelation) of Jesus. I'm a single mother, self-employed and was able to give 40% of my income to the Kingdom in April 2014. God is faithful. He can prosper you in the same way and greater if you set your mind like flint to believe and act on your faith.

Let me pray for you:
Heavenly Father, thank you for using my voice to reach others. I praise you because you promise that if You're lifted up you'll draw all men to yourself. I lift up the name of Jesus now which is above every name and in the authority He's given me, speak to the spirit of mammon and the poverty mindset. I apply The Blood of Jesus against you and command you to release those reading now. Get away from them, leave and never return again. Amen.

One thing you must do to enjoy and receive the full reward on your giving is understand what happens in the spiritual realm when you give. Giving with the right attitude is for your benefit. Witness.

If you desire more revelation about giving, order or download My Money Grows on Trees and Revelation is for Elevation. You can also register for my Financial Deliverance course. Space is limited to seven persons so register now. The course runs February 23-March 8, 2020.

Great grace to you in Jesus' name.

© 2019 Zari Banks, M.Ed