Spiritual Laws (digital)

Vol. 1: The Law of Replacement was birthed out of Zari's fourth quarter 2015 season of prayer and is revelatory teaching on idolatry, deliverance, spiritual growth and more. If you've ever wondered why you can't stay delivered from an issue the wisdom contained in this quick read will help you attain greater freedom.

Vol. 2: The Law of Increase is revelatory teaching on idolatry, deliverance, spiritual growth and more. If you've ever wondered how to experience the increase, multiplication and abundance promised in John 10:10 this book gives you the blueprints to live it out right now.

Vol. 3: The Law of Use is revelatory teaching on living a life of maximum usefulness for God and His Kingdom on earth. Many people work and support their families, love God, and give, and even though those things are necessary and admirable, they may not be exactly the purpose or destiny they're called to. The goal isn't to just escape hell by salvation, it's to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Vol. 4 Believers are often afraid of The Law of Attraction because they don't have proper understanding. The Law of Attraction is Biblical and I prove it by The Word. I'm always honored and blessed to know that I'm hearing The Lord properly as a prophetic voice to The Body. After The Lord began speaking to me about The Law of Attraction, I heard two well-known prophets mention it as well. The Lord confirmed what I was picking up in the spiritual realm. I share in Spiritual Laws Vol. 4: The Law of Attraction, how important the unseen realm is in our lives - whether we believe in Jesus or not - and I believe this book will take many to the next level they've been wanting to achieve.

Vol 6: The Spirit of God spoke to me in March 2020 about The Law of Mutliplication. Revelation of this Spiritual Law is required in these days when jobs are not able to meet our needs and when grocery shelves are empty. Yahweh Yireh is our Provider. The Kingdom's Economy hasn't changed and we have no need to be in lack even when there's famine in the land around us. 

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