The Courts of Heaven Session (TCoH)

In the spiritual realm, judgments against us remain until we show up for Court and present evidence for an overturning. If you need assistance with a personal issue that must be handled within the structure of spiritual laws, this is what you need.

In The Courts of Heaven we always receive favorable verdicts. We can:

*Overturn word judgments spoken against us

*Receive godly bonds and reject ungodly ones

*Overturn harmful medical prognoses 

*Heal and restore relationships

*Receive Divine Blueprints for Business, Ministry and Personally

*Win a case in Heaven when someone's suing you in the natural

*Enter our Heavenly Storehouses ... and so much more.

Sessions are maximum one (1) hour. The level of work completed in each sessions depends on the condition of your spirit. Consider enrolling in The Human Spirit Level 1 Course before booking a session. Take the course, and get a $25 discount on your first TCoH session.

Session Types: Individual, Couple, Family (4 persons) and you can add a second seer trained in accessing TCoH.

Choose a variant:

Starting at $75.00