I Will Win Again!

Washington State, 2022

I got anxious last year and was preparing to quit this business. I was so tired of these people. I hired an attorney to see if they could really invalidate my lease and evict me. [I paid] $377 fee for writing two letters. A friend did a lot of research and discovered they hadn't renewed their non-profit corporation so they can't legally make me move. Now God has fixed it. I was so sick of all the mess. I've been reading your stuff and I am determined to win again.

Prayer Works!New York, March 2022

God bless you abundantly Rev. Banks and your Ministry! I emailed you on 2/19/22 I believe it was and asked you what to pray for the checks situation. You gave me the words and prayed with me and today 3/21/22 I received 1 of three in my name only! Hallelujah! Glory! Thank you! I'm tithing 10% to your ministry thank you again!


Maryland, March 2022

cannot put into words how thankful I am for you, your heart and your ministry...the birthday thought and card, so grateful- and that you remembered how special Ephesians 3:20 is to me.
2022 has arrived with so many trials and distractions, but I am believing that 2022 will be the best year of my life for me, my family and yours for standing in the gaps. Your messages, reminders and presence truly have been a blessing. I hope one day soon I can be that to you as well.

On Repeat!

South Carolina, April 2022

Thank you very much for the blessing you included in your ministries recent correspondence. I listened to the CD/Prayer on my commute to work this morning and it will be on repeat for the rest of this month! I bless you. I bless this ministry. I bless your conference, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you and may the Grace and Favor of our Lord continue to shine the light for all who will encounter. In Jesus name, amen.

God Provided!North Carolina, September 2021

Planted a seed on 9/22/21 for finances for a conference I was a panelist on so that I could eat and bless a vendor or two. That $10 seed came back on 9/24/21 as $89. I ended up not paying for any of the food I ate all weekend and was able to bless more than one to two vendors. All praise to God.

Thank You!New York, July 2021

I remember the first teaching I learned from you and your ministry, Zari. Visiting the first weekend gathering. Your ministry unlocked so much in my life. God bless you and yours!

Healed!North Carolina, October 2021

[My husband] is fully recovered from covid-19!! I am seeing some spiritual growth as well!! He's had a much better attitude these days!! Praise God for He is so good!! 

I will stay connected!!

May God continue to bless and prosper you and your ministry!! ❤️️❤️️

Inspired!Florida, October 2021

Hi, Zari.

I totally let the enemy do a number on me emotionally and psychologically this year. BUT, thanks be to God, I am bouncing back and I feel His help and anointing on me to get back to writing books for His glory and the needs of His people. 

Bless you for how you inspire me!

Thankful!Maryland, November 2021

Hi, Zari! I am thankful for you. You would have no way of knowing that the same scripture you responded to me with is one of my favorites - always remembered it since I was a child because my birthday is 3/20. Always felt like that was God's personal message to me and out of all of them you blessed me with that.

Needs Met!Virginia, November 2021

Grateful for you.  Thank you so much Zari. Have a wonderful day ahead. Take care and keep safe. Really appreciate everything you've done to help get my Father's burial arrangements processed. God sent an Angel.

Worthwhile Investment!South Carolina, November 2021

Thank you for your obedience. With every new teaching I am growing and leveling up. I thank God for your ministry and I pray our Father continues to bless this Kingdom advancement. Very honored to partner with 1123 Ministries. One of the best investments to have made.

Leveled Up!Arizona, November 2021

This is a spiritual mind shift for me! It's like I'm saved all over again when it comes to my authority and legal access! God is using all of your wisdom for my leveling up! I can't thank you enough and I'm declaring an abundance of God's harvest from this seed you planted in me and my family!

Heaven on Earth!Florida, December 2021

It's amazing how much I'm learning about prayer from you right now, and how to access Heaven here on earth! The words thank you are inadequate.

Approved!Washington, December 2021

His leave was just approved last minute. Thank you so much for agreeing and decreeing!

Problem Solved!Texas, October 2021

I love you soooo much Z. You know how to solve problems!

24 Hours!Texas, December 2021

I sowed everything I had last night and The Lord provided $1000 in less than 24 hours! I didn't expect that. The Lord wowed me and I just give Him praise! I'm so thankful for you and for you standing with me.

Sowing Works!

Mississippi, January 2022

I sowed like $1 in quarters, all I had, Sunday in church. I ended up with three new editing clients this week. Sowing works.💯

Daughter Healed!

Florida, February 2022

I wanted to thank you again for your prayers for my daughter a few weeks ago; how comforting to know someone that truly has faith & belief...God is Grand.

Diagnosis Reversed!

Florida, June 2022

GM. Pray all is well with you this morning.
I have a PRAISE REPORT....
The Lord REVERSED my Aunt's diagnosis of dementia!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Debt Gone!

North Carolina, April 2023

I had a debt cancelled today!


Arizona, July 2022

Kendra had an amazing testimony today after I dropped her $52 tithe in the office for 1123ministries with prayer requests attached. She went to a dentist who is the father of one of her friends and he charged her nothing to do a consultation on her teeth. 4 years ago when she went to the dentist, Kendra had 5 cavities! Today the dentist said she had ZERO cavities! On top of that, one of her teeth outgrew a filling to the point that the filling broke off at just the right spot that it needs no repairs, no work done, nothing! That broken off part is the odd thing that Kendra kept feeling in her mouth. But it needs nothing done to it at all. Kendra called on the way home with the really good news and agreed that was a BIG miracle.
Thanks for your prayers & 1123ministries is fertile ground! 


Arizona, July 2022

Hi Ms. Zari,
I want to let you know that we're approved for a home! I prayed for a certain amount but didn't get it...
The mortgage lender that I'm working with said she would try and help us for assistance so I could use my money saved up for others things I needed!
On Friday When the mortgage lender did our credit I cried, I told her that I would be praying for J to get an increase in her credit.
The mortgage lender said that her body went to chills because I stood on my faith believing that my daughter's credit would go up. She said she wanted to cry at how I stood on my faith!
I'm now believing that I can find a home for amount I was approved. The lender said she didn't think I could. I told her watch what God can do!
I'm needing to find a home in 2 months. I refuse to go into a lease or apartment! 

Thankful for 1123!

Kentucky, July 2022

I feel so special. Testimony: I have literally went through a crash course in The Holy Spirit and in Heaven. It's just so much but I'm excited because it's cool and this is what I want ultimately is to be close to Christ and build a stronger relationship than what I already had, and I believe your ministry is what is taking me over my expectations. I really appreciate it. It's something that you just can't say thank you enough for. Thank You, Jesus! God bless you; continue doing this ministry work and I'm excited to be able to continue to sow into 1123 ministries!!! I think it's only been a week since I've joined, but about two [weeks] for sowing into 1123 ministries. Praise God. Thank You, Jesus.

Trauma Healed!

Arizona, July 2022

I first want to thank God for bringing you into my life!!! I want you to know I'm learning so much from what the Lord is pouring into you and you pouring into us!

No one has ever sowed into me like you have! I'm going to give the Lord and you [more] because you have invested in me!
I also want to thank you for confirming on trauma at service today. The Lord gave me date for this month. He said praise me and and celebrate your mother because you know where she's at...not knowing that trauma can stop the blessings....HE then proceeded to tell me who to sow into this month!! Not knowing this month has many blessings!
I'm going back to hear this video again!!!
Blessings, blessings to you!!!
Love you Zari ❤️

The Revelation!

New Jersey, March 2022

Hi Zari, I just wanted you to know I just started reading [My Money Grows on Trees] yesterday and I am about a third of the way through it.
I wanted to tell you it is unbelievable and amazing what I am reading and the revelation I am receiving. The Kingdom of God works in amazing ways. I am going through the book slowly and chewing on many points. I also would like to sow a seed into your ministry. (The Holy Spirit moved me to do that right away when I began to read.) How would I go about doing that?
Thank you so very much for this book, Zari!! God bless you and keep you!

Worked for Good!

Arizona, July 2022

This big branch came down in the storm last night. No damage to the house. Missed the window. Did not fall in front yard so I can take my time with clean up as HOA will not bother with back yard view. Did not fall in neighbors yard. And what satan meant for evil will force me to learn tree trimming as I have all the tools available and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Praise God. 

Debt Cancelled!

Arizona, July 2022

Dear Zari,

My daughter has sown seed for debt cancelation on a debt of $11,000 plus dollars for a short visit at a BIG pharma sponsored facility in the Babylonian system. The enemy tricked her (out of fear) into visiting one of these "emergency" facilities and she has sense repented of her mistake as she says she learned her lesson. Now the Lord has connected her with an expert in the exact area to fill out the form as needed for the entire amount to be canceled!
Praise the Lord. Hallelujah 🙌    

Rain Stopped!

Florida, August 2022

Forgot to tell you something that I think you'll get a kick out of. When I was driving in the rain recently I remembered how you talk to us about we have dominion over all the Earth and of course that is scripture. I started speaking to the weather, commanding the rain to stop because I was tired of driving in it as I was on a road trip, and it stopped!

It was being stubborn, but I persisted. When it stopped, I thanked God for giving us the ability to have dominion over all the Earth, and then I said Zari would be proud of me. LOL. 

Debt Wiped Out!

Kentucky, July 2022

Since I have sown into your ministry, praise The Lord, I'm so thankful ... about $1000 has been wiped off my creditkarma.com account so now I got about $1100 to go and I will be debt-free. Praise The Lord!

Thank You!

U.S. VI, August 2022

Zari, I want to say way back in 2012 and on...you really helped me understand the spiritual realm and how to access what is ours. I want to say thank you for that. You were one of the ones who planted seeds in my life. Where I am in ministry, they are watering them now. Again thank you. 😊

Timely Word!

South Carolina, August 2022

The release of this Word of God is so timely! God has very much blessed Zari to teach. 🙂. You'll be blessed and learn insight you did not have before with each encounter! HIS grace and favor continue to be poured into 1123 Ministries! ❤️

Done in 5 Hours!

New Jersey, June 2022

Wow thank you for your prayers.. I just got an update today, my mom is being released from ICU lol I'm full of joy lol.. I praise God.. ❤️ thank you Lord for answering our prayers, we love you Lord..❤️

You Can!

Florida, August 2022

Hi sister Zari. I spoke to you last night and you prayed for me. 

This morning I heard, "YOU CAN BREATHE."

I just want to let you know I am feeling much better, and my heart has stopped beating fast. Thank you so much. 

May The LORD keep you and bless you in all your ways. ❤️

Debt Cancelled!

Arizona, August 2022

Dear Zari,

Praise God, thank you Jesus, hallelujah we have a praise report. Kendra just got complete debt cancellation of a $5,325.61 dollar bill from an ER visit that she was told would be no more than $2,000!!! Now because she is a tither and giver to the ministry, those evil demons had to eat the entire amount!!!

Blown Away!

Kentucky, August 2022

Marriage courts of heaven: your class transformed it all. When I seen in heaven his name in the book next to mine that's what blew me away. The promise was already there I just needed to call it forth. I am thankful for you and your class! This really helped me do that Praise God!!! Feel free to use this as a testimony and when I get married I will send you pictures.


Arizona, October 2022

Glory to God! Thank you by the way Zari for the lovely book you sent! I am excited to start using it soon to reflect on God's faithfulness and provision and grace and mercy and compassion and love!! I am also inspired to speak more good things by faith through your life and ministry! I treasure you and am grateful for you and enjoyed that which I heard of the conference the other day. Rich blessings to you and yours!!

Positive Impact!

Texas, May 2022

Thank you, Zari.

Your videos on TikTok have really moved and impacted me in a positive way. 💕

Seedtime Harvest!

Texas, August 2022

So quick testimony..... I received a check in the mail today that I have been waiting on for over a year from the IRS 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 along with your birthday card and that was icing on the cake 🎂 !!! Praise God!

Got It!

Arizona, June 2022

Hi, I want to let you know that I received my check today from the man that owed me!!

Enjoy Teachings!

Mississippi, September 2022

Zari Banks, I watched your Exploring the Realms of Heaven last night and I really want that also 😔. I enjoy your teachings.

Still Harvesting!

Arizona, November 2022

My daughter and I tithe and give to 1123 Ministries and the harvest I sowed for my daughter's healing keeps coming into being. This time her second eye exam came in even better. This is the second exam with increased vision for her. Plus the retest and new lenses are free!

$40k Debt Gone!

North Carolina, October 2022

Zari Banks, $40,000 debt discharged! I remember speaking that a debt would be paid! I'm busting the walls and moving mountains just like Biblical principles said would happen.

Loving this Season!

Arizona, November 2022

I absolutely love the season we are in. The truths and wisdom I am learning or maybe relearning is beyond exciting. The conference you just did was amazing and such a blessing. I cried, I laughed, and I was in awe of the words spoken. Praise to the beloved Trinity!! Oh how I love them. Blessings to you and the ministry!! ❤️❤️

Thank You!

North Carolina, April 2023

I just want to say thank you for my birthday gift card from Starbucks! To take time to think of me really blesses me so much!!

I so appreciate you!


Meant for Me!

Maryland, January 2023

Zariiiiiii, Hiiiiii!!

Thank you so much for the care package 🥰! They bless me every time!! I just finished reading "Get acquainted with God" and I loved it! I love Kenneth Hagin's books. I remember adding this book to my cart but I never purchased it. It was clearly meant for me to read it. It is right on target-He is truly an on time God. I love how they're quick reads yet so profound. Some day I'm going to write books like that under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
I Thank God for you. I pray that God continues to do wondrous works in your life!

Beyond Grateful!

Texas, December 2022

Hey Zari, I received my package yesterday and it filled my heart with sooo much joy. I'm beyond grateful for you and 1123 ministries... May God continue to bless you tremendously and I can't wait to see what blessings come in 2023 !! 💕🙏🏾 Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Devourer Rebuked!

Arizona, December 2022

Hi Z,
My daughter was sick with the flu and had to miss some work. She recovered quickly and said it would be nice if she got sick pay. I reminded her that she is a tither and a giver (to 1123ministries) and miracles happen. So 5 hours of sick pay showed up on her check and she was surprised by it.
Thanks again, Patti Cake

God is Good!

Montana, June 2022

Praise report: I had found 2 shiny pennies, recently and was challenged to sow them into the kingdom, & start attending Zari's prayer calls, which I did! I decided to sow $20 directly towards the issue of my job change, debt & car problems! That same week, I applied for jobs, interviewed and started work the next day! **It's close to home, owned by believers, full time, permanent, w/ benefits, a full meal is provided, and I get TIPS! It's a pretty easy and low stress job, I get off mid-day so I still have time to help my mom and take her to doctor visits. God is good!

Powerful Teaching!

New Jersey, August 2022

I watched a very good teaching from you on Genesis 27 & John 5; very powerful teaching. Took me to a new place; its not about the Bible like the Pharisees going through the scriptures trying to find salvation but an intimacy with Jesus lol. It was deep & profound and I heard of all this before but this time it took me deeper to another place in Him and that taught me a different way on how to pray for my loved ones. Because it's not about head knowledge but it's about our heart and abiding relationship with Him where we can walk with Jesus just like Jesus walked with the Father lol. Praise God! Oh, & I learned how important is rest; we don't have to be religious about it as long as we give Him 24 hours with Him & when we do we get more of Him in revelation. Those are encounters. This is what I've been doing but I didn't know it was shabbat. I was doing this almost every other because of the warfare I was going through but The Lord gave me victory so now He wants me just to rest & enjoy Him one day a week 24 hrs. 

Sowing Pennies!

Colorado, April 2023

I just found another two cents and when I saw that I saw trade money… So I just traded 1$ into 1123… I am not looking at two cents the same way anymore!!! This is trade money for tips for the excellent work that I do here on the ranch… Then I will re-trade that and up trade… Sponsors for our nolimits ranch… It will pay for June, that will pay for us to have more bicycles to rent out from the ranch, for our Highland cattle for the ranch, for a Australian Shepherd for the ranch, for our new Subaru outback wilderness for the ranch… Oh, this is so exciting 👏👏👏 so I trade with intent and purpose and faith and joy because that's what I see in you. You are so much fun to be connected too 👏


Authority on Earth!

Florida, September 2022

I pray your weekend was a good one!
I am in a season where, by power of Holy Spirit, I am recognizing I have more authority on Earth then I have been using. When I saw Read the Word, Speak the Word on sale I had to get it!
I didn't realize when I ordered it that I would be leaving town so soon. I prayed that the book would arrive before I left on my trip so I could read it on the plane. It arrived the day before my trip!
As I was reading it on the plane I began to speak Ephesians 3:20 and John 10:10. My travel budget only allowed me to rent a car this time (rates increased since it was a holiday weekend). I feel safer in an SUV, especially on road trips. I spoke those scriptures & attached them to my request for an SUV instead of a car.
When I checked into the rental car counter, guess what. They had no cars left in the category I rented. I asked if they had an SUV. They said yes & gave it to me at the same price!!
This made the next leg of my trip (3.5 hour drive) much more comfortable & gave me peace of mind.
That's testimony #1.
Also, while on the plane, I spoke those same scriptures over my finances/travel budget. There were things I needed to do that would cost more money than I had. In my mind, I saw a plausible way for increase. But, as the word says, God can do exceedingly, abundantly above what we think/ask for.
When I arrived at my final destination, I went online to pay my bills (didn't have time to do it before I left). As soon as I logged on, I noticed my account balance was much higher than I expected. A deposit of over $2,000 had been made!!!! I was looking for a couple hundred dollar blessing but the Lord multiplied that & provided greater!!
That's the 2nd testimony just from reading Day 1 of Read the Word, Speak the Word!
The Lord has truly blessed you to TEACH His people His ways & I thank you for your obedience to your calling! 

Tuition Paid in Full!

Virginia, September 2021

Good afternoon and blessings Zari! Testimony time!!!! So, my husband started school this semester, and we've been believing God for debt-free, paid-in-full education for him. Well, the financial aid we hoped to receive from the school didn't materialize, and we refused to take out a loan, because we said DEBT-FREE. The school said because he owed a balance, they were going to begin dropping him from his classes: one today and the rest on Tuesday. He was very discouraged, but I told him "Babe, we still have time. God can still do it. Let's see how God is going to work this out." Well, this morning, my husband texted me from work saying his boss is paying the tuition for this semester IN FULL!!!!!! And he's paying it TODAY!! Hallelujah!!!! I know the breakthrough was facilitated by this fast, praying, and sowing seed. I've sown every day of the fast! Thank you for your obedience to God in inviting all of us to join you in fasting! God is so faithful - amazing things are happening for all of us and God us just getting started! 

Learning So Much!

Michigan, May 2023

Shalom! I am learning so much through your ministry. Binging on your YouTube videos when I do my 10K steps! I am getting so blessed by your YouTube that I'm honored to sow into 1123 Ministries.


New York, May 2023

Thank you so much for the encouragement & the wisdom Zari! Your ministry is so uplifting in a powerful way. 

With gratitude & love.