Tuition Paid in Full!Virginia, September 2021

Good afternoon and blessings Zari! Testimony time!!!! So, my husband started school this semester, and we've been believing God for debt-free, paid-in-full education for him. Well, the financial aid we hoped to receive from the school didn't materialize, and we refused to take out a loan, because we said DEBT-FREE. The school said because he owed a balance, they were going to begin dropping him from his classes: one today and the rest on Tuesday. He was very discouraged, but I told him "Babe, we still have time. God can still do it. Let's see how God is going to work this out." Well, this morning, my husband texted me from work saying his boss is paying the tuition for this semester IN FULL!!!!!! And he's paying it TODAY!! Hallelujah!!!! I know the breakthrough was facilitated by this fast, praying, and sowing seed. I've sown every day of the fast! Thank you for your obedience to God in inviting all of us to join you in fasting! God is so faithful - amazing things are happening for all of us and God us just getting started! 

Healed!North Carolina, October 2021

[My husband] is fully recovered from covid-19!! I am seeing some spiritual growth as well!! He's had a much better attitude these days!! Praise God for He is so good!! 

I will stay connected!!

May God continue to bless and prosper you and your ministry!! ❤️️❤️️

Thank You!New York, July 2021

I remember the first teaching I learned from you and your ministry, Zari. Visiting the first weekend gathering. Your ministry unlocked so much in my life. God bless you and yours!

God Provided!North Carolina, September 2021

Planted a seed on 9/22/21 for finances for a conference I was a panelist on so that I could eat and bless a vendor or two. That $10 seed came back on 9/24/21 as $89. I ended up not paying for any of the food I ate all weekend and was able to bless more than one to two vendors. All praise to God.

Inspired!October 2021

Hi, Zari.

I totally let the enemy do a number on me emotionally and psychologically this year. BUT, thanks be to God, I am bouncing back and I feel His help and anointing on me to get back to writing books for His glory and the needs of His people. 

Bless you for how you inspire me!

Problem Solved!Texas, October 2021

I love you soooo much Z. You know how to solve problems!