With faith everything's possible for The Believer. Use Bible Faith - The Anointed Word - to take possession of The Promises of God and your inheritance in Jesus' Name.

Wisdom is required. MEDITATE on the verses listed until you have a YES from Holy Spirit that The Word for what you need is activated in your life. Sow your pennies with an assignment and expectation. Watch over your seeds and gather your harvests (Proverbs 10:5)!


Clearing your credit report--Meditate on Matthew 18:23-27, Colossians 2:13-14:

Father, I invoke The Name of Jesus, Your Son, His Blood and my Covenant with You. Have mercy on me for getting in debt and making myself a slave to man and the Babylonian system. In Your Mercy toward me, forgive and wipe out my debt and everything recorded against me. I ask this in Jesus' Name, I believe I received when I prayed and seal this by Holy Spirit. I decree my debt cancellation is recorded in my book in Heaven from now to infinity, in every realm and dimension. Amen.


Effective prayer for anything--Meditate on Romans 8:26-28:

Father, I submit my tongue and spirit to You to pray perfect prayers through me that prophesy Your Will for _____ into the Earth realm, that agree with Jesus' intercession for _____, that loose angels into their assignments with excellence and I ask for Holy Spirit interpretation according to Your perfect will and purpose.

Pray in your prayer language until you feel a release. Pause and wait for revelation to come to your natural mind, decree what comes to you, then give thanks and praise because it's done.


Stepping into Heaven for legal work--Meditate Psalm 100:4, Isaiah 41:21:

Give praise, instruct your soul/body to step back and rest, instruct your spirit to be present and attentive. Proceed when you notice the shift, see with/use all of your spiritual senses:

Father, by faith I request access to Your Courts and step in. Holy Spirit, I need help with (state your issue). In Jesus' Name, direct me to the proper Court.

Follow instructions, go through the processes as led, ask for help as needed. Holy Spirit is with you.


Removing roadblocks--Meditate on Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 139:16, Proverbs 18:21, Proverbs 23:7, Matthew 5:25:

Father, in Jesus' Name I agree with the adversary that I'm (list negative thoughts, words you spoke, words spoken against you). I confess these accusations as sin and repent. I nail these sins of thinking, receiving, speaking negatives about (myself/children/spouse/etc) to The Cross of Messiah, let His Blood pour over and burn them to ashes. I receive Your forgiveness and decree I'm The Righteousness of God in Messiah. I ask in Jesus' Name that all consequences of those sins be overturned and overwritten with blessing back to Adam forward to infinity, in every realm and dimension. Thank You, Father.