I'm telling you, Saints, 3 a.m. prayer is no joke. Every time I pray the fourth watch (3-6 a.m.) I get miracles, signs and wonders. You're welcome to join me praying Sunday through Friday until April 28. The number is on the pic above. Also, the replays are available on this site. The calls are powerful and there's usually...

We added a new morning prayer season 3 a.m. P/6 a.m. E Sundays through Fridays. It's called Power Prayer and you're welcome to join us if you have need. I'm getting blessed and I expect everyone sacrificing and pressing in with me to be as well. There's just something about meeting The Godhead early that they respond to with joy and provision. ...

Shalom and abundant blessings, dear ones! I pray you're enjoying 2022 so far. It's the best year of your life ... God said so.

Active Faith


During prayer September 12, 2021 I went to The Courts of Heaven and viewed my ministry book (Psalm 139:16). I was told by the angel, "The Anointing of Faith is high, active. Move in it and pull people along. You're in a season of momentum. Keep pressing for the greater breakthrough."

I had several adventures with Holy Spirit and my angels last week as I drove home from Chicago. One was a full-blown miracle. I shared it with Zayne, but haven't with anyone else, yet. I'll save that one for a while.



"I came to Chicago with uh ... $200."