For today's prayer call, I was impressed to review some of the prophecies I've released over the last year. Here's a recap:

I stepped into Heaven at midnight to give thanks for another year and they had balloons, confetti and a line of people clapping and celebrating me. It was a lovely surprise and a wonderful encounter. The balloons and confetti were supernatural. There were strings on the balloons, but they stayed in the air without being held and didn't float...

That Laugh


On my walk Saturday evening (7/9/2022) the sky hosted this amazing performance. I was so captivated I wasn't watching my feet, which is dangerous because I'm a bit clumsy. I saw the whole rainbow, one side to the other, and more.

Shalom, loved ones! Nothing missing, nothing broken in your life, family and finances in Jesus' Name.

I discovered this song on the Pandora music app. I really like it. But, it's not on a godly frequency. The words are fine - you can view them in the video description when you go watch.