That Laugh


On my walk Saturday evening (7/9/2022) the sky hosted this amazing performance. I was so captivated I wasn't watching my feet, which is dangerous because I'm a bit clumsy. I saw the whole rainbow, one side to the other, and more.

Shalom, loved ones! Nothing missing, nothing broken in your life, family and finances in Jesus' Name.

I discovered this song on the Pandora music app. I really like it. But, it's not on a godly frequency. The words are fine - you can view them in the video description when you go watch.

I'm telling you, Saints, 3 a.m. prayer is no joke. Every time I pray the fourth watch (3-6 a.m.) I get miracles, signs and wonders. You're welcome to join me praying Sunday through Friday until April 28. The number is on the pic above. Also, the replays are available on this site. The calls are powerful and there's usually...

We added a new morning prayer season 3 a.m. P/6 a.m. E Sundays through Fridays. It's called Power Prayer and you're welcome to join us if you have need. I'm getting blessed and I expect everyone sacrificing and pressing in with me to be as well. There's just something about meeting The Godhead early that they respond to with joy and provision. ...